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Introducing the GamersTardCast a month and a half ago, because I brain farted...

Hey too anyone who reads this. We are currenttly at episode 6 of said podcast and its going well, however the thought occurred to me why the hell am I not hosting this as a blog on a website I actually use everyday?!
They answer is I brainfarted...Pure and simple.
So now begins the migration of the existing podcasts to this wonderful land of gaming gameyness.
I'll probably have all 6 up on here by Tuesday, listen to them they are funny! And they get better episode by episode.

Well here it is, episode 0. As is evident from the podcast the crew(MrGibson, Pjbling, and Madcat) and I are all kind of learning the ropes, but if I do say so myself it turns out pretty damned good in the end.

A very quick intro as to what this actually is. A podcast about games, not a review cast, not a preview cast, and not something based around the editorial of a magazine or a website. It is infact 4 friends who have spent a large portion of their lives playing computer games way of venting our views about games, the industry and the public perception of gaming in general. It is occasionally funny, occasionally insightful, occasionally informative but hopefully always entertaining.
Its heavily influenced by podcasts like the Giantbomb, RebelFm, Podtoid and Beyond.
We hope you enjoy.

This week in games we've been playing, we talk about red dead redemption, splinter cell conviction, sleep is death and round up with a spattering of GTA IV. Oh and there's our terrified impressions of the just released Prince of Persia movie.....
News bits spark multiple conversations dealing with upcoming game to movie adaptations, what we think will work, the best so far, and why they generally dont work at all.
We then move on to some quotes which encompass why adult themed games are for adults not for kids, and why parents need to take note, and responsibility.
The discussion this week is based around games going digital, how we ready we think console gamers are, the effects this will have on publishers and developers alike and theorize on the time it will take for the (possible) eventual shift to predominantly digital retail.
Listen for Mrgibsons robot impressions, and what it takes to be a lawyer.
Lastly we finish out with some listener questions (ok when i say listeners I mean a few friends who heard the -1 podcast that was never released ;) ).

Get it here:Episode 0 , or Subscribe to it on Itunes here ITUNES!!!!!

Enjoy, feel free to review us on itunes, feel free to email questions and comments to [email protected]

-Radarhead P.S Thanks to Kinichie for the cool intro music, and to jimby for the 15 minute logo.
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About radarheadone of us since 4:51 PM on 07.11.2010

Myself(Mike Barton aka Radarhead) and some friends between the ages of 24-30, gaming since we were tiny people) have recently started producing a weekly independant gaming podcast in association with gamers voice , which is a british
movement started by a parliament MP to represent gaming in a mature light vs media and public misperception (see gamersvoice facebook page, 17k members).

The podcast is done in an informal chatty manner (with quite a bit of editing(for now as we are still meshing)), we chat about what we are playing, key bits of gaming news, imminent releases, a quiz(which has been hilarious so far), and a consumer related topic of the week (the move to digital, price of games, 3d gaming ect) and just generally shoot the shit.
Its fairly informative, laid back and often hilarious. Im sure it all sounds farely cliched, and for no small part it probably is.
Ultimately we are doing it because we love videogames, we all have jobs and dont aspire to be designers or journalists, but what the hey we are passionate, intelligent and feel the need to share our affliction with the world.