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Battling the Backlog Week 17: Postal, forgettable blandness and.. FIGHTPAD!

The first Postal game... is just.... upsetting... I've playing many violent games, I've done things I should have been ashamed of, but this...

Wow! You just kill everybody, no reason, no excuse, the hero is just a pyscho with no personality...

People are laying around screaming, begging.... No game has ever made me feel so uncomfortable...

The game does have a lot of variety of stages.. to be a mass murdered... what I thought was the final stage which was really the ending arrived... it was the murdered in a playground filled with children....

Fortunately he seems to have some seizure, he faints and wakes up in asylum... game over...

While Postal was a unsettling snuff movie, Postal 2 was a Troma flick, the hero has more or less a personality and the world is so different it doesn't even feel like the same game.

The Postal Dude, yes, that his actual name, lives in a trailer with a her "lovely" wife who bosses him around and gives him a bunch of errands to do...

The game is no longer "kill everyone" as a matter of fact in some situations you can make it out without hurting anybody...

Since most people are armed and kinda psycho too, you don't feel bad if you have to kill them.

The game consists of days instead of levels, in the first day you get fired from your job as the character from the first game, and... a group that's anti-violent games comes in to kill everyone, you can join in the killing of simply leave, but after that that group hates and will shoot at you if you get too close to them.

This is what will happen during most of the game, you have to do something mundane, and someone will try to kill you...

It was rather enjoyable in it's cheesy silliness, it's so over the top you can't take it seriously, and since the game doesn't take it seriously either it's a good thing...

The game also has a expansion of a "weekend" two extra days that take place right after the previous game, where the "Dude" has gotten a head injury take gives him "episodes" where things get "Silent Hill-y" and he gets attacked by... mutant Gary Coleman?!

Did I mention that the expansion has doom kitties that kill enemies in an almost cartoonist way?

And when you make it out of the hospital you're in... Tourette zombies!

The expansion goes more over the top than the previous game and you can literally go postal since there are no cops to stop this time!

I enjoyed the game enough to hope that Postal 3 will come out.

Then.... I played a hodgepodge of text and adventure games that... weren't the kind I like to play...

It's my personal opinion, but I think that in good adventure games the solutions make sense, while others think that a puzzle where you fondle a ferret counterclockwise three time at noon is logical and it's your fault you can't figure something so easy out...

And I've also said this before but I hate how in most old adventure games you can ruin your game because you did or didn't do something that seems harmless...

Thank God I'm out of mediocre adventure games! I'd talk more about them, but nobody seems to care about mediocre games, it's only the good ones or the bad in a funny way people care about....

And.... I finally got a Fightpad! Now I can finally play fighting games on the 360 and PC.... I don't have any yet....

But the gamepad has a turbo button! Which finally helped me beat some shmups!

Wow! R-Type Dimensions is much more harder than I remember.... But it seems that thanks to the new gamepad I finally beat it? It was still brutal murder....

I can't decide whether I like the new or the older graphics better, in some areas the new graphics look better and in some the old ones do...

Is it me or do many of the bosses have a way to exploit them to make the fight almost too easy?

I also finally beat Galaga Arrangement and I'm positive it wouldn't have been possible without the turbo button, or because I found out a super awesome powerup?

In Galaga Arrangement you get let a big alien take your ship and when you rescue it you get a different power up depending on which alien took it, well....

You can let TWO different alien take TWO of your ships and get a SUPER power up!

I got a triple shot combined with rapid shot and it was almost too easy... until I reach the final boss who kicked my ass! XP

I also played Blade Angel which an Korean iPhone game which is badly translated in a ver humorous way, I almost think they did it on purpose in some parts...

It's about a girl who.... collects bottles? Apparently they are a very valuable resource in the future, which you use to upgrade your character and buy continues, it's a good thing continues are cheap because you don't get that much money per stage, unless it's a boss stage...

Oddly enough the boss are kinda hard in a stupid way, you have no health bar to see how you're doing and their pattern is kinda dumb too, some moves seem useless, while others seem too hard to avoid....

Since you can upgrade your stats you can max out, oddly enough the only stat I maxed out did it at level 13, which made the game almost too easy, except for the bosses...

It's a fun silly game, and if it's still 99 cents I'd recommend getting it, despite the fact it has no music...

Since October is around the corner I think I'll try to beat all the horror games I have left, if won't be enough to fill up the whole month, but it's better than nothing....
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