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Battling the Backlog: Titan Quest and Bionic Commando (The new one)

I was expecting my copy of Brutal Legend to arrive last week, so I wasn't sure what to play since I hate stop playing a game because I got another arrived... That's how I got a backlog in the first place!

As of this moment, it has yet to arrive...

I don't know why I played an RPG, maybe because I thought it would be hilarious if I beat a whole RPG before the game arrived?

Titan Quest is basically Diablo in ancient Greece where you fight mythical creatures from Greek mythology, except.... Halfway through the game you decide to go to Egypt... and then to Asia...

You'd think the change of scenery would make the game more refreshing but it actually pissed me off... What? Couldn't they find enough Greek ghouls to fill up a whole game? There are three God of War games and I don't remember them having to borrow monsters from other mythologies!

Frankly the game started to bore me when I reached the end of the Greek storyline and I was hoping that would be the end and when I saw it was just the mid point I got pretty pissed at the game...

The enemies aren't that hard unless they swarm you and the game is so generous with potions that all I had to do was stand in front of a boss and attack while constantly hitting the potion button...

The ending was lame and the expansion pack has you playing the WHOLE thing again but with an extra mission at the end.... Why can't you let me play the new stuff directly? This is an RPG! You can't expect me to play the whole thing again just for a final mission!

I hadn't even tried my copy of Bionic Commando and since my copy of Brutal Legend was going to arrive during the weekend I could just play it while I waited for Monday...

I don't know why they made the hero a swearing dreadlocks gravelly guy, but once you use the code and he looks like he should it stopped bothering me...

Making a sequel to a game this old is a tough challenge if you're doing it in 3D and not a 2D one like on XBLA or Wii Ware...

But gameplay-wise? It was pretty good! You start off with no arm at all and you slowly gain your arm and new powers as you progress through the game, once you can simply grapple enemies and throw them around it gets really fun!

But the first act is rather tame... I only started to get into it when I reach the second act, once you start having fights with more than one mecha it gets REALLY interesting...

The challenges also made the game a bit more fun, trying out what they ask you to do is usually fun AND challenging!

But the story... it was rather dumb... specially the ending... I can't help to feel the game was rushed, specially seeing how the act kept getting shorter and shorter and how thing made less sense when I got closer to the ending.... Skip the next paragraph if you don't want spoilers...

Why did Super Joe betray us? He had no reason to! And what exactly happened to Spencer's wife? They are trying to say she's the arm, but the arm is robotic! Are her memories in there? Is here brain in there? It doesn't make sense! Then again, if this was an anime and they said... "My wife is in my arm" I would just shrug...

Overall, I starts slow, gets better and ends oddly... It would have been much better with a little more polish storywise, and maybe make the acts more even, but it was still pretty fun...

I only played some iPhone games....

Family Guy: Uncensored is almost worth it for the Mega Man parody level... except the game is so short it will probably end as quick as an actual episode of the show... But it also has the chicken fight scene...

Hook Champ has a cool retro look and it's all about grappling along a series of levels being chased by a curse that won't let you leave the temple with it's idol... It's so challenging I haven't beaten it yet, but I don't mind... It's that good!

Hopefully I'll finally be able to play Brutal Legend this week?
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