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An Introduction, or, History of a Girl Gamer

When it has chowed itself down all the way to its head (which is, itself, doing the chowing-down) it will very closely resemble my lifespan.  -Unknown My first video game ever was probably Super Mario Bros. for the SNES.  Some friends of t...


About TankFoxone of us since 8:54 PM on 04.30.2013

I'm a very late twenties girl gamer. I have a fairly nice PC and rarely buy anything that's not available through Steam. I'm also a "patient gamer" who typically bides her time playing through her game backlog while waiting for games to go on sale.

I'm horrible at platformers, but that's not stopping me from wanting to play Thomas Was Alone. I'm passable to good at just about everything else, though I particularly enjoy (and will geek the hell out about) The Elder Scrolls and Fallout.

Right now I'm playing Saints Row 2 and Darksiders.

Most recent purchase: Lone Survivor.