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Persona 4 Review

Heres my review of persona 4 for those who are on the fence with this game.

-Engrossing Story
- Fresh/Thematic Level Design
-100+ hours of gameplay.
-Belivable and gripping Charcter design.

-WTF!!! 3 hours of exposition until you can play.
-Turn Based combat may detract from the game for some.
-Inaba may be too small to support such a large percentage of games time/ Extra areas would have been nice.
-Difficulty may be too much for those who are to proud to go on normal mode.

Persona 4 is a welcomed change in the world of turn based rpgs. It retains enough of the rpg genre to satisfy hardcore fans but welcomes new ideas which help the game from ever feling unoriginal. If you can stomach turn based combat and are in the market for a good game then this is for you.


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