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The awesomeness of the Brits, one in particular.

If we hear the words The United Kingdom, Britain or simply the UK, we most definitely think about a lot of things. The Queen, Their Accent, Cups of Tea, Old chaps, Pubs, Fish&chips, The Beatles, Soccer, 007, Cor Blimey, Pip Pip Tally Ho and what not. We will probably not immediately think about their generosity and awesomeness. Well, maybe if you're actually from the UK but usually we non-Brits think about the first things I mentioned. That is until today.

There is one of the Brits that decided to create an account on Dtoid not too long ago.

I'm talking about dear old Clance.
Not only does he write some entertaining stuff here on Dtoid, he also send packages over to Amsterdam. It might take some time until it gets there but he keeps his word:

YES SIR! I GOT ME A KILLZONE 2 T-SHIRT! Sorry for yelling but who doesn't like Game related T-shirts? I've been looking for a Killzone 1 T-shirt for ages but can't find it. I would sell my kidney in order to get one. Actually, I'd have to sell my kidney in order to get one because I'm having a bit of a recession right now.

I don't know what so say Clance, thank you very very fucking much!

You're one bad-ass Brit.

(p.s. Clance, you don't know how much I wanted to post that Sgt. Peppers pic I found of you. If you were a bastard I'd done it!)
(p.p.s. I'll gladly repay you in pints at the UK-NARP and yes I'll take you to a football match if you ever come to Amsterdam)
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