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Great memories of Destructoid (in response to Mxyzptlk's blog)

I got a bit over excited and posted too many pics. Maybe not too many but certainly too big. By doing that I almost raped the forums so I've decided to post the pics in this blog. Now if you haven't already, please check this epic forum post.

Warning: A lot of pics of great memories.

Great moments in pics chosen at random from my Photobucket:


This pic of me made by Haxan:

Me and Pew making fun of Germans:

Revealing Dale's true identity:

Re-creating Jimbo's bathroom in LBP:

Making fun of Pikeman:

The adventures of Chad:

Making the Destructoid.com LittleBigPlanet level. It still blows my mind thinking about it:

Being loved:

Jimbo's Seal of approval:

This guy:

James Ewing (aka Ha-Puken) wanting to send me a bottle of tequila but sending me his US PS2 with Front Mission 3 and 4 cd's full of epic music instead:

TheGHost making me (and a million other Dtoiders) a card:


Best game ever:

Sadistic and Sadie:

Raping fail-blogs with Sadistic:

Christopher Walken:

My PS3 kicking the bucket (originally a video with sounds and all but I'll post this pic to make it easier):

Dan Clancy sending me his Killzone 2 T-shirt (the one on the left):


The ApocalyPS3:

Wanderingpixel making me a motivational poster:

So there you have it. I could've added more but this is a bit too much already. All these things are making me wear my Dtoid T-shirts with pride!

I love you all.


[EDIT: Here are my other memories I shared in the forums as well, just to make it complete]

Great moments in words:

Finding out that Hamza changed my name into "Mr. Sadistic's Sex Slave". It only lasted 2 days. He changed it back because it got scary.

Endless chat sessions on PS3 video chat with Jimbo, James, Shipero, Pikeman, Moosehole, Haxan and several others. Basically having our own private Destructoid PS3 vodcast with ever recording it.

Writing themed FNF blogs.

Meeting James Ewing (Ha-Puken) in person. Which is possibly the best thing ever.

The frontpage article that got raped with SFW porn pics. (Randombullseye already mentioned it)

The generosity from several Dtoiders. Moosehole, James, Shipero, Jimbo and Dan Clancy in particular.

Trophy whoring with Moosehole.

Singing along with 90's Euro dance hits for hours and hours with Shipero.

Daily video chats with Shipero.

Meeting awesome people online in general.

The Killzone 2 Destructoid Clan and playing that game All Night Long while singing "All night long".

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