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Epic fail, drunk guy and African waterproblem solved. Also Burnout tracklist.

Look, my heater is broken and it's to cold to game. No it really is, I can't use my hands the way I want because of the cold. I could go to the bar, but I decided to treat you with some vids. And some game info.

Wash your car, get out as fast as you can, and fail.

What was he trying to do?

When Greybush drinks...

Look, he drinks.

The human super soaker!

Wait, did he just wash his face with water from his stomach?

The complete in-game soundtrack for Burnout Paradise includes:

* Adam And The Ants - Stand And Deliver
* Agent Blue - Snowhill
* Airbourne - Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast
* Alice In Chains - Would?
* Army Of Me - Going Through Changes
* Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend
* Brain Failure feat. Dicky Barrett Coming Down To Beijing
* Brand New The Archers Bows Have Broken
* Bromheads Jacket Fight Music For The Fight
* Depeche Mode Route 66 (Beatmasters Mix)
* Faith No More Epic
* Guns N� Roses - Paradise City
* Innerpartysystem - Heart Of Fire
* Jane�s Addiction - Stop!
* Jimmy Eat World - Electable (Give It Up)
* Junkie XL feat. Lauren Rocket - Cities In Dust
* Jupiter One - Fire Away
* Kerli - Creepshow
* Killswitch Engage - My Curse
* LCD Soundsystem - Us V. Them
* Make Good Your Escape - Beautiful Ruin
* Maxeen Block - Out The World
* Mexicolas - Come Clean
* N.E.R.D. - Rockstar (Jason Nevins Mix)
* Never Heard Of It - Finger On The Trigger (Winner of the second international Burnout Bandslam competition.)
* Operator - Nothing To Lose
* Permanent ME - Until You Leave
* Saosin - Collapse
* Seether - Fake It
* Senses Fail - Calling All Cars
* Showing Off To Thieves2 - Everyone Has Their Secrets
* Skybombers - It Goes Off
* Soundgarden - Rusty Cage
* Sugarcult - Dead Living
* Swervedriver - Duel
* The Photo Atlas - Red Orange Yellow
* The Pigeon Detectives - I�m Not Sorry
* The Styles - Glitter Hits (J.J. Puig Mix)
* Twisted Sister - I Wanna Rock

info from:Gamekings.tv

Good or bad? You decide.
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