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PSP Limited edition news! Two new editions

OMG! Just heard some news on Gamekings. It's in Dutch so I'll translate it a bit for you: This guy known as SonyDave (kind of marketing guy at Sony I believe) told Bald B and Dennis that there are two new special edition PSP's are in the ma...


PSN makes you listen to porn?

Damn!! I've got this wireless Sony Headphone that activates when there's a sound coming through the device where it is connected to. So in the same time it deactivates when there is none. But sometimes it connects to another device in the n...


Mario is dead long live Mario

Oh why not make a Dtoid blog entry about Super Mario's Birthday. He just got 26! You don't say with that mustache and lame trousers (I had the tv-series on my mind). But why is Mario dead? Well, MY Mario is dead. On his birthday my SNES di...


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