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3D Now

3D Now

There's no way around it, 3D is like the scum on your keyboard.
It slowly built up without notice, until itís all over with the staying power of glue.
Do we really need this new fangled fantraption thingy mi bob? And why exactly is it so damn popular right now?

With origins in the late 1800's, camp popularity in the 80's giving us such gems as 'Friday the 13th Part III' and 'Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone', 3D was a gimmick for a long time. But as you can imagine, what we're seeing today is not quite what we saw in those days. Advancements in film quality to HD and more efficient projectors have upped the stakes in its money earning potential. This has started todayís obsession with 3D that seems to track back to IMAX theatres showing the 2004 film 'The Polar Express'. 25% of the returns were from IMAX's 66 theatres that were showing the film in 3D. 3,584 theatres in 2D only mustered 75% of the take while only 66 theatres covered a whopping 25%.
With that, a new way for entertainment to make money was born.

We have you to blame Tom Hanks.

Polar Express, opinions aside, made sure that the entertainment world knew about the sheer earning potential of the no longer corny medium. This meant that our beloved games, never far behind, soon released the download only ĎInvincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Taoí during August of 2009. Invincible was quickly followed by James Cameronís Avatar game in December. So far 3D games werenít really making a dent in anyoneís need for it in their games. In November of 2010, Sony announced that over 50 games were being developed for 3D compatibility. This list includes rereleases and new franchises, but mostly sequels which is par for the course. Sony are jumping on the bandwagon early and with everything they have, but the only way to know if they are falling into a pit of doom is to wait and see. With the marketing genius behind Sony, and the huge push we are receiving on all fronts, itís hard to see the concept being a failed venture, even if it is only a one year phenomenon.

You topped Sony at E3 2010 with this Satoru Iwata.

With the imminent release of Nintendoís 3DS, itís this writerís opinion that we are looking at the next step of the 3D technology. Its 3D comes from an adjustable plate on top of the screen. Obviously running the handheld in this mode drains the battery life like a (very quick draining thing), giving it an anticipated time of 3-5 hours. Sonyís NGP (PSP2) has a predicted life span of 4-5 with better graphics but no 3D. Nintendo has said from day one that the new technology causing eye problems, which the American Optometric Association has disputed even hypothesized that the technology could diagnose vision problems in children.

Hereís hoping that the 3DS will give us the chance that we will soon be free of the extra goggles that people already needing one pair of glasses will be able to come to a 3D movie and even the chance that we wonít be paying an extra $1.50 for something there is little choice in these days.

3D is here to stay. Do I have to like it? Hell no. Just try and make me.
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