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3D Now

3D Now There's no way around it, 3D is like the scum on your keyboard. It slowly built up without notice, until itís all over with the staying power of glue. Do we really need this new fangled fantraption thingy mi bob? And why exactly is...


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Hey fellow Dtoiders!
Lovely to see you here.
I'm Richard, living in New Zealand and studying an IT qualification.
I'm an avid gamer who has been going since I could get my hands on a platform.
I have issues, like anyone, but mine make me an unintentional asshole.
I'm much less of one in real life I swear. (Its that internet anonymity me thinks)
You can catch me most days watching www.justin.tv/destructoid starring "The Most Trusted Man in Gaming', a tiny rodent and, well, Venom (I think you need a slogan Venom).

Any questions? Ask away.
And if you live around Wellington, hit me up. I'm always down for a game.