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Dtoid Community Discusses E3 Edition: Nintendo

Welcome back to part 2 of the epic E3 Destructoid Community Discusses! On Monday, we brought you impressions of Microsoft's presentation by Dtoid community members (which you can check out here. For today's edition, we bring you impressions of Gatorsax2010, Eternalplayer, Wexx, and ScottyG about Nintendo's show. Read on to find out what they thought!


Alright, let's get the ball rolling!

Overall, this was a HUGE improvement over last year's E3. Nintendo had an interesting mix of "meh" and things that made me gasp and jump out of my chair this year. I really don't understand the Wii Vitality Sensor. I know it's too big of a development to just quietly announce, but I'm sure they knew the response at E3 would be underwhelming. Wii Fit Plus, I understand why they're making it. I'm not one of the people that are against games like that, they just don't appeal to me, personally. My only question is whether it will sell as outrageously well as the first one. Having worked at a Target when the original came out, I was picking them up left and right for family members. I don't think they used it for more than two weeks.

What a great conference for Mario, though! New Super Mario Bros. Wii sounds like a lot of fun. It's funny, a few days after RetroforceGO wonders why there aren't more multiplayer platformers, the king himself gets in on the action. Mario Galaxy 2 looks awesome too. The addition of Yoshi looks like it will add quite a bit to the experience. In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with adding only a few new wrinkles to gameplay that's already an established winner. All of the new DSi stuff really makes me want to pick one up (especially WarioWare: DIY).

The most important announcement, to me, is Team Ninja's Metroid: Other M. When they were showing the space scenes, and then a woman, my thoughts were, "This couldn't possibly be Metroid, could it?" Then, the guy (who is apparently Adam Malkovich) said "Any objections, lady?" And I gasped. Loudly. The gameplay looks like a mix of action, platforming, and some FPS sections, too. I'm simultaneously excited and scared to death of what this means for the franchise. It looks like it's more story-based than other games. And with Adam, Ridley, and Metroids all present, I have no idea where it could fit in the timeline. The Metroid series is possibly my favorite series in all of gaming, so it holds a special place in my heart. Hopefully this game is as awesome as it could be. (Also, I wonder how Retro feels about having the series they brought to 3D given to another developer?)


I am also really stoked for not one but TWO new Mario games. I know its common perception to ask Nintendo to come up with new IPs, but I'm of the opinion that all I want from Nintendo is for them to do what they do best...make Mario games which make me feel like a kid again when I play them. While I feel Nintendo didnt have any "groundbreaking" announcements like the PSP Go or the Project Natal stuff, I feel they answered their critics that said that Nintendo has forgotten the hardcore crowd. With the Mario games, Metroid: Other M, Mario and Luigi, and Golden Sun, not too mention the third party games coming out such as Dead Space Extraction, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and Red Steel, I think they are coming back to us :D

Grandma and grandpa and keep their Wii Fit Plus and little pulse thingy (???????) as long as Nintendo keeps up these games on the horizon.


While Nintendo's conference wasn't as bad as last year, there was still a lot of casual crap that I didn't really care for. They're still looking for what makes them the most money, and they're trying out the super casual thing, as well as the hardcore stuff, which is great, because it brings stuff like GOLDEN FUCKING SUN back into the limelight.


Eh... to be honest, SMB Wii looks too much like the DS New SMB, which was way too floaty and loose for my liking. SMG2 and NMH2 however, look amazing. :)

Also, just saw the Metroid video... Team Ninja? Really? Ugh...

Not only that, but it looks even more story driven than Metroid Prime 3 was, which to me isn't the point of Metroid.


Overall the thing was very good coming from the Nintendo, we have seen the last few years. I think this presser was great compared to last years especially. Shying away from Wii Fit Plus and Wii Sports Resort, we had some amazing announcements. To start off Golden Sun DS was a pleasant and much welcomed surprise .Two new big Mario titles and two Mario spin-offs was really exciting. Super Mario Galaxy 2 had me screaming on the inside, totally took me by surprise as I had gotten use to one 3D-Mario per Nintendo console! Throwing in a brand new platformer was just icing for me. New SMB Wii looked like the DS counterpart which I hope means this is a Wiiware title! Beyond Red Steel 2, I'm not that big into The Conduit or Darkside Chronicles but I know some people are which is good that they have all type of gamers covered. Metroid: Other M shocked me and looks to be a return to classic Metroid. It might not be strictly 2D but it looks like it will have 2D sequences which has me pumped! Go third person Samus, GO!

New Super Mario Bros Wii trailer...I'm SO PUMPED!


Ok...so I just saw the SMB Wii and Mario Galaxy 2 trailers. And I have to say these games look amazing!

First of all Mario Galaxy 2 seems to have tons of new worlds to explore which is good and the level design looks as good as ever, with one exciting level that I caught a glimpse of...One of them seemed to have Giant Goombas in it! Which reminds me of SMB3's Giant Land (way cool :D)

And ScottyG, even though SMB Wii looked like it will control sort of like the DS Mario game, I gasped in amazement at the fact that there will be 4 player co-op on the same screen....WHERE YOU CAN PICK UP YOUR CO-OP BUDDIES!!!!!!! This game mechanic reminds me all too well of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers (one of my favorite NES games) and has made me SO excited for this game. I cant wait to pick up my friends and throw them in bottomless pits or in front of Bullet Bills.....:D



I hope New Super Mario Bros Wii is online could you just imagine it?


My imagination says it would be awesome...the realist in me is scared for lag-filled frustration gameplay (a la Smash Bros. Brawl) where I'm trying to skype with people I'm playing with.

It cooould work fine, but at the same time, I'm a big proponent of the best co-op sessions are the ones where your friends are in the same room. So if they don't include online, I won't be that upset.


I didn't think there was too much "casual crap" (although I'm one of those people that really hates those labels). Wii Fit is a huge moneymaker for them, so the sequel shouldn't really be a surprise. Ditto for Wii Sports Resort. Plus, in my opinion, at least, Wii Sports Resort looks like it could be pretty fun. I know the original Wii Sports is pretty much a tech demo, but it's also lots of fun (I still play the occasional Bowling or Baseball game), and this looks to continue that trend.

Tactix, I have to agree with a lot of the things you said. Where Nintendo has excelled in multiplayer is in making a fun experience for everyone in the room. It wouldn't surprise me if NSMB Wii doesn't have online play, but I really wouldn't be disappointed. I like seeing my brother's face when I stomp him into a pit in the DS version, so this won't be any different. :P On the topic of Mario, Brian Crecente's Hair Palace is reporting that Galaxy 2 will be "90% new," with a few of the levels being variations on levels from the original. Does that bother anyone? I don't care, as Miyamoto said they'd be variations, and I'd imagine they'd be optimized to make use of the new gameplay elements. Plus, the vast majority will be brand new levels. Some of the comenters there were really being Debbie Downers about it, though�I could care less, I just want it. :D But I have to finish the original first! Stupid school got in my way. I need to make better use of my summer!

{Reminder: these three discussions were happening at the same time}


No one else will talk about Sony. WTF people, get over that rotund Italian pedofile with a mustache named Mario. He's bald under that cap I say, flipping bald!


....sony fanboy....


It's a good thing you guys don't mind because Miyamoto just confirmed no online for the game. Oh well, I have to say that Nintendo was catering to the hardcore this year. I too hate the "casual and hardcore" labels but imagine if you were one of these new gamers that are starting out with the Wii. You have two games that really appeal to you and the rest was all classical gaming type stuff.

It's is a little disappointing to hear about the 10% rehash but some levels in Galaxy were really amazing so hopefully they will pick the best of the bunch to put out. I'm glad the reason they are returning to Galaxy is because they had so many ideas they couldn't explore them all. I felt like some of the stuff they did in that game was ingenious but still the whole concept of playing with gravity like that had some more to be explored and it looks like they feel the same way. Just imagine if they had decided to put out Super mario 64 2 back in the day. We would have all lost our mind back then and its the same for me now. Here's hoping that there is something to spice it up, I would love to see Wart make a return!

Mario and Luigi 3 explores Bowser in a humorous way again and for some reason I can never get enough of that. I just think there is so many ways you could develop him, I already kinda have a bleeding heart for the guy. Unfortunately, it's a bit embarassing to admit but something that always makes me unsettled in games or even movies is the whole going into other people's bodies. So hopefully I can soldier through this game.

So was anyone convinced to buy a DSi during the conference. I've been on the edge for a while and it looks like I'm staying there. I want wario ware DYI more than anything but it looks like I'll have to wait until they announce some more intresting games that you need a DSi for (or until hey come out with a pink one!).


Eternalplayer, I definitely want a DSi now thanks to Wario. And I only just got a Lite (thanks, Dtoid!). Also, I forgot to mention how completely pumped I am for Bowser's Inside Story. I love all Mario RPG games, I love the Mario & Luigi series, and I love Bowser, especially as portrayed in the RPGs.

The Metroid fanboy in me wants more people to talk about Other M! I just watched the trailer again. Looks like it may have some side- scrolling elements! And in addition to Ridley and Adam, Mother Brain from Super Metroid makes an appearance! And is that Sylux's body in the snow? I may have to force myself to finish Hunters. I also may end up watching this 100 more times to see what info I might be able to glean from it.


Ugh, Hunters. I got stuck in that game and never beat it. But yeah, Other M looks awesome, at first I thought it was going to be the side scroller that everyone has wanted for years, but then I saw the first person sequences and frowned a little bit. It still looks like it'll be a fun game, though. I'm interested to see how more hand-to-hand combat will change the way that game feels, along with a more focused story.

Metroid: Other M by Team Ninja..are you excited or skeptical?


Not part of the conference, but Miyamoto apparently said in his invite- only seminar that they wanted to show off the new Zelda, but it wasn't ready. He said it would be out 2010 at the earliest, though it might (read: will) take longer. He even showed off concept art (which wasn't allowed to be photographed, though it apparently looked TP-esque). [You can find that image here � Tactix]

Maybe it's because I've been conditioned to love Nintendo since I was about 2, but I definitely thought this year's E3 was a step in the right direction. I was really impressed with most of Nintendo's big announcements, and impressions from people at E3 are promising. I'm also really surprised at the amount of speculation the new Zelda art has generated, and I have to give a shout-out to what has a chance to become my favorite DS game of the year, Scribblenauts (don't believe me? Look at this: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=16184727&postcount=217)

In a broader sense, this really was a great E3 for all of the Big 3. Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft all had some great announcements. It makes me wish I had more money time. Everybody wins!


Thats all for the Nintendo edition! Stay tuned on Friday for the final edition, where we discuss Sony's conference!
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