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A Modest Review Proposal

Re: Why do we use review scores? I completely agree that review scores are easy, painless, and extremely convenient, even if they are an imperfect metric of a game's worth. I myself put non-trivial stock in Metacritic averages, and will s...


On War, Activision, and Sick Filth

Recently, a high-profile game has come under fire for using realistic settings and events to depict a bloody conflict. The game's makers - whatever their intentions - are so short-sighted that they've completely ignored the history and ima...


Thanks, Assho- uh, Tim Langdell

Source image from the IGDA website, still not updated to reflect his departure Tim Langdell is kind of a dick. As kind of a dick myself, I should know. Now, I may never have incited a legal tussle over the word "edge" - but, I've also n...


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