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The Biggest, Baddest, Dudes in Gaming

[A quick little note before the actual article. I am writing this because I wish to improve my writing skills. I can spell correctly and use proper grammar and all that but structure and punctuation is something I have often struggled with. So I would like to kindly ask you, the readers of this to give me any criticism you can in the comments. Good or bad, tell me what I'm doing okay on and what I need to work on and change. Thanks all. Also, I could not for the life of me get the bb codes for bolding and italics to work for whatever reason. Sorry about that.]

The world of video games is home to thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of characters ranging from all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Elves, Zombies, Magical entities, and just your regular run of the mill human. With such a wide variety people often come up with a list of exactly which characters are their favorite video game personalities and why. My goal here is to not pick out my favorite characters in video games, but to find a few characters that in my humble opinion are the biggest and baddest of them all!

Just to halt any confusion, when I say "biggest and baddest of them all" this does not mean they are actually evil characters. I am simply looking for the big in size characters that if you were confronted by when walking out of your local pub you would have no choice but to simply say "...shit".

In no particular order, let us get the show on the road, yes?

The Heavy
Team Fortress 2 (PC, Mac)

This guy has got to be my favorite on the list of the biggest baddest characters.

This sandvich loving, russian, hulk of a man runs around sporting anything from his collection of different miniguns, to his shotgun, to his gloves made of BEAR CLAWS. Seriously, he probably ripped them straight off of the bear himself and now he wears them...on his hands. While he doesn't come packaged with a beard of a cool hairstyle, the man is a tank on the battlefield and if you plan on confronting a Heavy teamed up with his Medic counterpart, you better be very well prepared or have an army of your own.

Big Daddy
Bioshock (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC, Mac)

See the Big Daddy even has the word big in his name, how could this article not include him.

While I didn't find the Big Daddies in Bioshock particularly challenging after fighting a few. They are definitely intimidating and had me avoiding them for longer than it actually took me to slaughter several of them.

Their sole purpose as genetically enhanced humans is to escort the famous Little Sister around the city of Rapture in their massive diving suit themed armor that with each step of their massive feet causes the ground to shake beneath you. To make sure they can handle the job, one type of Big Daddy, the "Bouncer", is equipped on one hand with a drill so large that even Mr. Driller has nothing to say.

The other type of Big Daddy known as the "Rosie" does not carry around the same equipment as his Bouncer counterpart. In short, no big ass drill. But thats okay because they instead lug around the massive Rivet Gun so great in size that not even your player can carry it for his own use. This gun also serves as the Rosies close range melee weapon, or they could just throw their proximity mines at you...either way.

The Tank
Left 4 Dead (Xbox 360, PC, Mac)

Ah yes the Tank. Symbolized by the sudden change of music, the roaring in the distance, and the shaking of the ground, is probably every zombie apocolype survivors worst nightmare. Especially if you don't have a very intelligent group of teammates.

I can only describe this monstrosity as a roided out football player gone undead wrecking ball, or maybe he was just a world champion arm wrestler.

The Tank will not hesitate to throw everything he has got at you, this may include the following:



-Random chunks of concrete that he pulls out of the ground even where concrete should not be present.

If you are ever backed into a corner by one of these things you better pray that your teammates aren't because the only way you are stopping this guys death grip from smashing you into the ground over and over, and over again until death is by having your teammeates kill him before he can you.

Salvador The Gunzerker
Borderlands 2 (Playstation 3, Xbox 360, PC)

This game isnt even released for several more months and im already in a fuss over this guy. I mean LOOK AT HIM.

Rocking that mean fauxhawk-beard combo, those tight fitting clothes showing off his large pecs and sweet biceps, those dreamy eyes...sorry I got distracted where was I? Ah yes.

I can't say to much about this guy at this point in time other than that he has no issue holding a massive gun in each of his hands unlike any of his other counterparts. This guy just looks mean and is probably the only one on this list I think can match the heavy in terms of being a great cool to look at character.

After thought characters that deserve a spot on the list:

Dont be shy guys, tell me who you would think deserves a spot on the list a and why, or do you agree with this list and think it is perfect the way it is? Would you like to have a beer with any of these guys?

Let me know in the comments!
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