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TARDIScast Episode 4: The Podcast of Destruction


This week we looked at the...unique...2-part serial The Edge of Destruction. Apparently, though, the technical glitches and memory loss that affected the TARDIS and crew in the story seemed to rub off on us. We had initially recorded a segment where we went over our favorite episodes of the new (2005) series, but unfortunately that, along with our original intro, were lost. So, we went back and recorded a replacement intro, as well as editing things around so we could end up having something close to a regular episode. The first "segment" is a somewhat random discussion about Doctor Who, starting from a question about who we'd like to play the Doctor in the future. Later, we move on to our discussion about The Edge of Destruction, in which we were just as bewildered and confused as Ian was when he tried to strangle the Doctor and Barbara!

(Direct Download)

Cast: Derek (Guncannon), Jack, Molly (Mollygos), Matt (blindchef), David (Hei), and our guest, Ryu89! Special appearance by Special Guest Star Chris (Scion of Mogo).

1:09: Intros and Apologies.
3:35: Listener Question: Who should play the Doctor next?
5:10: Obama Doctor?
9:05: Bill Nye, The Doctor Guy!
11:24: Companion ideas. Jamie the Highlander: There can only be one!
19:42: Doctor Jean-Luc Picard.
24:26: Barbara's crowning moment of awesome!
24:54: Segment 2: Classic Who Review: The Edge of Destruction.
28:10: Ian's Insanity. With a montage!
40:10: The good ol' pre-Internet spoiler days.
50:17: Blame it on the spring.
57:20: A longer than usual conclusion, and some shout-outs to other podcasts.

Next Week: The formulaic (on multiple levels) adventure The Keys of Marinus, and we'll redo our segment on favorite nuWho episodes, along with our most despised ones.

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