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Delicious Destructoid Wallpaper: Widescreen and Procrastination Edition


(Video unrelated. Besides, it's Mega 64, do I really need a reason to post a video of their's? And why haven't I met these guys yet? >.<)

Hey, hey, hey everybody. After a massive delay, and much procrastination, I have finally decided to post the widescreen versions of my previous wallpaper for your viewing and desktop-background-setting enjoyment.

The 1680x1050 version was requested by none other than the fabulous -PL-, who I thank for the request and apologize to for the delay. Also included are the 1440x900 versions.

As before, it comes in "Gripping Green" and "Ravishing Red", so take your pick widescreen folks!

UPDATE: I have now added 1280x1024 versions as requested by FrozenSpaceMonkey. Thanks for the request!

UPDATE DEUCE: I've added a 1024x768 version, as it was mentioned in the comments by none other than Samit Sarkar! I don't fully understand the difference between just taking it as 1600x1200 if you have a 1024x768 screen, seeing as how they have the same aspect ratio (I think) but a different res. Then again, that is what Samit kinda said, so maybe I should have read more carefully, lulz. Either way, I enjoyed making it and if someone wants it, thar she blows!
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