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The Frustration Unleashed

Soooooo, I'm kind of frustrated. The first trailer for The Force Unleashed 2 was just released not long ago. I watched it and really enjoyed it. It was full of gratuitous lightsaber usage, gratuitous force power usage and gratuitous jed...


No More Heroes 2: Past and Present

It's worth noting that in my playthrough of the first No More Heroes, I was oblivious to Suda 51's insertion of themes and statements on gaming, and gamers themselves. I was awakened to Suda's complexity as a developer after reading a gre...


The Contest Prize Unbaggening

I came home from a tiring nearly 12 hour school day to be greeted by a delicious surprise. As I entered the house, my brother sat with a white bag next to him. Addressed to “Travis The Pirate” (which is awesome), I automatically knew who ...


Rage in the form of RRoD

Third time’s a charm. Somehow, that phrase doesn’t seem appropriate here. Yes, my third Xbawks 360 has succumb to the fatal Red Ring of Death® (all right reserved by Microsoft). However, this red ring is unique. It is a Red Ring of Once...


In Defense of: Mercenaries 2

When Mercenaries 2 launched on August 18th it garnered mixed reviews, at best. The majority of them called it anywhere from average to a massive disappointment. In fact, many of you in the community bemoaned the game. I can still recall t...


E3 or Bust?

As we know, the convention is now stripped of the beautiful anarchy and flashing lights of yest-year, so this article is my send off to the E3 that so many of us wanted to see, but will never get a chance to. This one is for you guys. E3 ...


360 Price Drop: REDUX!

According to an interview by MTV Multiplayer with Shane Kim, Microsoft Corporate VP, Microsoft will be giving the Xbox 360 yet another price drop at an undisclosed date. This goes without saying, so what's the shocker? The aimed price poi...


Wallpaper of Win?!

(For those wanting to skip the words, the wallpaper can be found below as expected, kthx.) Alright! So, seeing as how I joined just recently, I thought I would bring a little something along with me to the party. Something to, say, break...


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Hey, my name is Travis. I have played vidja games since I was a wee lad, growing up on the N64, followed by the Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360, Wii, and lastly, the PSTriples. I think this is the start of a beautiful relationship.

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