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Top ten video game boobs!

Boobs in games have gone spiraling out of control! They have become a 'massive' part of many female characters in video games. Who would possibly think this was a bad thing? Well not me, I 'will' mine every day to grow, doesn't work I know,...


Top ten video game footwear

Top ten video game shoes! Yes, probably the most underrated part of any video game, but it is the most important item of everyday use. Let me take you though my TOP TEN VIDEO GAME FOOTWEAR! 10- A pair of bright yellow shoes that i believ...


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Im a Games designer from the UK who likes to write about shit (and work on a few too) and sometimes the odd gem may creep in there...

I am very into my retro gaming and Snes it up big stylee.
I own most of the games consoles and have been gaming for 20 years.


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