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Directed to Dtoid by an estranged friend on stickam. Seems a much nicer, dare I say... gamier.. place than what I'm used to. And by "what I'm used to" I mean I was banned from Kotaku for calling Tomanobu Itagaki exactly what he is: an idiot. Trash. Ridiculous. Typical "tries too hard to be cool" asshole. Silly Kotaku's admins. It's hilarious how much they ban people considering you have to submit a motherfucking essay on WHY you should be able to join. Methinks its less for quality control and more about ego.

Glad I adopted the Xbox 360 much sooner than the Xbox. I got my Xbox 5 months before my 360 which I got 16 months after its release. Tons o' jRPGs to attempt to gain control of SOME territory in the gaming industry of Japan. And that's good news for silly Americans like me. Good American AND Japanese software on a console. It's the Super Nintendo/Famicom of my early 20's. With PS3 of course being a Mega Drive/Genesis with the 32X AND CD add-ons. Good thing itll at least last longer than that poor abomination of a console. And just to give it a place, Wii is the.. hell I don't know. The Game Boy. That's about the level I place the Wii the same level as awesome handhelds, only you play it on your TV. For full-on consoles its 360 and PS3. Hopefully I can get enough for the MGS4 bundle before the 80 gigs disappear.

AND just got a new HD tv. Mhm. I barely notice the difference but hey at least Dead Rising has LEGIBLE text now!! Hence, why I'm playing it.

Somehow I seemed to have kicked up my Rep all the way 100% with 2 hours of playing GTA online. Suddenly the rep seems useless if I can get that good of ratings in 2 hours. When I played many a hour online in DOA4 and didnt get a single rep.

Playing NOW: Dead Rising
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