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There is no such thing as 'Grace' on the Online Arena


I happened to think about this as I was watching my brother play DotA online. There he was, minding his own business when some guy from the other team started talking trash. He ignored it at first, thinking that it was some scrub who's getting a rare win (letting him bask in the glory). Later in the game, when it became apparent he wasn't a scrub and knew what he was doing, it hit me: there is no such thing as losing/winning gracefully in the online arena.

This transcends game and race. As long as it's ever-so-slightly competitive, it's guaranteed to bring out the worst in anyone who's playing. Speaking from experience, people who lose/win gracefully are in the definite minority.

Good luck getting to that screen with all players still in the game.

When someone's soundly trouncing the other team, for sure they will go out of their way to tell the other team that they're not worth their time, at best. At worst the other team will be called out on their lack of experience/skill and be called a waste of skin. On the other end of the spectrum, there's the ragers. Guys who quit without finishing the game just because they're being beaten, fairly. At best they'll just call it a day and quit, at worst they'll accuse you of cheating before quitting. And don't even try to get me started on the one guy who thinks he's teh l33tz who blames his team for losing because of his Rambo tactics.

I may be pointing out the obvious, but I ask thee,fellow Dtioders: Is there still hope for us all? or are we stuck with a dark future filled with 12 year olds who suddenly discovered swearing? Is it really that important to keep a hard e-Peen?
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