NE: I played Pokemon Lets Go, and it was MEH

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About Synrg023one of us since 9:50 AM on 05.21.2008

I am one that lurks around the Destructoid kingdom. Engineer by profession, game-a-holic by free time (what's left of it that is).

My gaming habits started with a hand-me-down gift of an Atari 2600. Square Pac-Man was one of the best things that ever happened to my 12" television tube. Eventually unsatisfied with having just two Atari games (the other being KABOOM!) I decided to venture forth, with a pocket full of quarters, onto arcades. Arcades were cheaper than buying more carts at that young age. Ms. Pac-Man never looked so sexy.

I've always been a Castlevania fan since the NES era. Even though many are similar in gameplay (Metroid-vania status) I get hooked with each new game that comes out. So guess that's enough about my gaming habits for you kiddos to enjoy and forget about. See you all around Destructoid.