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The true face of Gawker media and the Anti-GG movement.


From the lips of Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media

Nick Denton's sabotage plan

What do you do when you know your castle is built on lies and the common folk are battering down the door? Turn the common folk on each other by throwing money at the most desperate and depraved.

I've said before that the Anti-GG movement or the radical SJW movement is those in power seeking to maintain that power by preserving their position as the ringleaders of a media circus and, of course, profit further off the people they're lying to inorder to exploit. Well, now we have it in one of them's own words.

They know they're wrong, they know they're failing, they realize that this community isn't as dumb as they hope. I hope that more people start to see this isn't about racism or misogyny or whatever lies that Kotaku are trying to sell you. This is about power, their power, and their fear of losing it.

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