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Review: Gears of Ultimate Frisbee in the Quad, Bro 3


Before I get into the review, let me give you a little backstory for this franchise. I had never heard of the GoUFitQB series until a few weeks ago. I met up with Max Scoville on Day 0 of PAX and gave him a copy of Gears of War, because I know Gears is one of his favorite game franchises. In return, he handed a different game to me. It was called Gears of Ultimate Frisbee in the Quad, Bro. When I got back from PAX I tried out the game and loved it. I loved it so much that I rushed out and bought the second. And now we're only days away from the next chapter, Gears of Ultimate Frisbee in the Quad, Bro 3.

Currently there is an embargo on this game, but this game is so hot that I felt I needed to risk my future in the field of games journalism. So without further ado, here is the world exclusive review of Gears of Ultimate Frisbee in the Quad, Bro 3!

Gears of Ultimate Frisbee in the Quad, Bro 3 (Xbox 360)
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Release date: September 20, 2011
Price: $59.99

Gears of Ultimate Frisbee in the Quad, Bro 3 continues the rich storyline of the past two games. You and your posse must go out and play ultimate frisbee in the quad. But there's a catch: You have to deal with the Locust and their "No Fun Guns". As you progress through the game, you and your posse will claim more and more territory across the quad, until the day you finally can rule the quad.

If you've never played ultimate frisbee before, the premise is fairly simple: Take golf, but instead of a ball you have a frisbee. Each throw you take counts as a stroke, with each hole having so many strokes to par. GoUFitQB3 kicks it up a notch with their signature powerups. All the signature powerups make a return from the previous game, such as shotgunning a beer, brofists, and, my favorite, jumping off the side of a cliff into a river while your friends cheer on and chug beer. There are also a few new ones, like the Raider Nation Shout and frat house party, but they more feel like a copy of the others with slight tweaks.

As you progress through the game your arsenal increases. First you start out with just a basic frisbee that you throw with your own brute strength. Later on you can get rifles that fire the frisbess, and by the end you can get a mounted turret that fires several in one shot. Be careful with some of your shots though. If a Locust catches your frisbee before you can get to it, they'll confiscate it.

The dating sim element from the second game is back and better than ever. Between holes you can go sit in the back of your step-dad's pickup, chug a couple beers, and try your hand at picking up the ladies. If you play your cards right you'll have a new member of your posse to borrow money from. The more in your posse, the more backup you have in your fight against the Locust.

As you progress with your posse, you collect money which can be used to upgrade your frisbees. Upgraded frisbees will fly farther, faster, and can be camoflaged to make it harder for the Locust to find. The big problem here is that the upgrading really isn't needed with the guns you get later. It's a good thought and worked well in the first two games, but not in the third.

The overall look of the game is actually quite good. The characters and environments really show the power of the Unreal Engine 3 on the Xbox 360. The hats you and your posse wear and the logos on the guns are really sharp looking. One thing about the graphics, however, is the lopsidedness of the frisbees. You can see on some of the screenshots posted in this article, they just look off. That's only a minor thing in a sea of good things.

Overall, Gears of Ultimate Frisbee in the Quad, Bro 3 is a worthy successor to the previous games. It's a barrel of fun, and an ice chest full of beer. If you're into frisbee, brofists, or frat parties, I highly recommend this game.

Final Verdict: 10/10 FISTBUMPS
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