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MMO Stories: /rage


I'm not much of an MMO player. Most people I know who play MMO's try all the new ones out and stick with one, or even two. For me, I have a hard time getting past a free trial. There's rarely any allure to an MMO for me. But there is one thing that gets me to stay a while in some MMO's: Friends. I started playing Final Fantasy XI because of friends, and stayed because of the new friends I met. But this story isn't about Final Fantasy XI. This is about an MMO I tried several times but could never bring myself around to getting into it. The MMO I'm speaking of is World of Warcraft.

I've tried several trials under different email addresses for World of Warcraft, yet it couldn't hook me. In fact, after WoW came out and took a bunch of my Final Fantasy friends away, I resented it. I couldn't understand why people played it. Trial, after trial, after trial, I signed up until I ran out of email addresses. Years went buy and Final Fantasy XI was long behind me. Yet I kept wanting to play an online RPG. And the only game I kept wanting to go back to was World of Warcraft. So I caved and finally bought the game for $20. I figured I might as well own the software just in case, and I got a month of game time anyway. I didn't expect to play it too much, since I didn't have any friends that I knew who were playing. But then something odd happened. My friend Duffey, who has been one of my best online friends for almost ten years now started playing at the same time. I joined the server he was on and even got in a guild with people he worked with. And that's when it happened: I made a bunch awesome of friends. And so it was to be that World of Warcraft would be a mainstay for me for time to come.

My main character was a Rogue, and I worked my way up to level 80 fairly fast. In fact I was freshly at level 80 when the final Wrath of the Lich King dungeons and raid were released. So my guild mates and I set out to complete the new instances and upgrade our gear. One night my friend Mel and I got paired up with three others who all happened to be part of a guild that was on our server. That night is a night I'll remember for a long time to come.

Before I get into details, I just want to state that I normally respect people I play games online with. I'm not one of those people you'll find on Xbox Live bitching people out because they suck at a game, or because their a girl, or anything like that. But this occasion was different that any other occasion I've come up against before. This occasion made me angry. Angrier than I've ever been at someone online.

The instance we ran was the Pit of Saron. I needed a ring that dropped from the final boss of the instance. I'd run the instance several times, so I knew what to expect. But there was one thing I didn't expect: The other guild that ran with Mel and I. There were three of them. A Warlock, a Paladin, and a Priest. The initial trash mobs went okay without any hiccups. But when we hit the first boss of the dungeon, I started to realize that we had a problem on our hands. We kept wiping. Our tank was having a hard time holding hate, our Warlock kept overdoing the damage to the point where he'd get killed, and our healer couldn't keep up with the damage we were taking.

After a few tries we finally got past the first boss. Now we only had two more to go. I knew this was going to be brutal. It wasn't until after the second boss that I really started to release my anger upon my guild chat. Me being me I didn't want to tell the party how angry I was getting with their extremely poor performance. There was a long gauntlet of trash mobs that littered the path toward the third and final boss of the dungeon. Our tank was completely unable to hold hate at all, and the Warlock himself wasn't helping by letting himself get killed repeatedly. It was so bad that Mel was having to heal us under a Shadow Priest spec. We wiped several times, but I had to persevere. I needed to upgrade my gear to be more effective at PvE. I needed that ring.

After several wipes on trash mobs, and almost two hours of crawling through the dungeon, we finally made it to the final boss. I just needed to endure the final boss and hope that he drops the ring. Again, we wiped several times but we defeated him. And to my luck the ring actually dropped! If it hadn't, I would have been even angrier than I was at that moment. But I was still angry. And this group got to see the rare occasion of me venting my rage on the internet. I only have one screenshot from that night, but it was all I needed.

"This was the worst goddamn party I've had. EVER. You guys fucking suck. A retard could hold hate against a bear better than you. Goddamn this was such shit. I'm out now to pay my 100 gold repair bill. Have fun sucking ass at whatever else you dumbasses do."

And that was it. I had vented my rage at some people I don't know on the internet, and it was all over. Or so I thought. Little did I remember that the three of them were on the same server as Mel and I. And they let us know. Immediately after getting out of the instance the two of us were bombarded with tell messages in retaliation to my outburst. I got messages like "It was his first time tanking!" and "You're such a jerk." I just ignored them. To Mel, on the other hand, they wanted him to refer them to our guild leader to have him punish me. Little did they know that they were barking up the wrong tree.

Our guild, Blame, was a small guild that mainly consisted of four of us. But we were rude and crude. More specifically, our guild leader, Mark, let people know when they were playing even remotely bad. Our motto, Stables for Lyfe, stemmed from us giving shit to people in the Arathi Basin PvP scenario who felt that the easiest capturable base was important to guard, instead of moving us forward. So the day after my outburst, Mark tells me that the Warlock contacted him about my behavior. I don't remember the specifics of what he said back, but I know it was worse than what I had said the night before. After that, the messages stopped, and they no longer bothered me.

Looking back, I feel somewhat bad for what I said. I was in the position of being a new player at one point, and I'm sure I've made more than enough mistakes. I'm normally a laid back and respecting guy. But even guys like me have a point to where we snap. And for the unfortunate people of our group, they caused it to happen. I guess it really does happen to the best of us.
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