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Gatorraid: The raid fueled by Gatorade.

I've had this idea for a while now. What if Blizzard implemented a World of Warcraft raid that was sponsored by Gatorade? They would call it The Gatorraid. Clever pun, I know. For the past few weeks I've been coming up with ideas on how it would work, both in and out of game. Here are my ideas, complete with concept art!

Like most WoW raids, this raid will be a 10 or 25 man run. Like any raid there will be trash mobs that you have to clear out before you get to the bosses. Since this is a Gatorraid, why not have alligators and other reptiles join in to fight against the fearless raid groups?

There will be several boss encounters as you proceed through the raid. The first one you encounter will be Corey, the Alligator Man. Corey has a golden staff that can shoot fire at the raid. DON'T STAND IN THE FIRE IDIOT.

As you beat mobs throughout the raid you will find bottles of Gatorade. There will be ten overall flavors of Gatorade, one for each class. You know how the classes have their own color to represent the class? Well the color of the Gatorade will respond to your class. Each one will boost the respective stats for your class, and give you an added effect if you drink it for 10+ seconds. It'll be like the Well Fed buff from eating certain foods, but better, because Gatorade.

The best part about this is Gatorade can work with Blizzard and develop these flavors in real life. They can just re-label flavors, or develop all new flavors! So you can drink your Gatorraid Gatorade all while doing a Gatorraid run. Keep yourself hydrated and refreshed!

The final boss encounter is a doozy. His name is Power Paull, the Powerade Wizard. He has the ability to summon rain and lightning as one of his attacks. You better be sure your whole group has their Gatorade buff up for him. He's going to be really tough, because he's powered by the Coca-Cola Corporation.

And lastly, what raid is not complete without some sweet sweet loot? Loot can include, but is not limited to, Gatorade tshirts, hats, staves, shields, swords, and much more! Even better, Gatorraid branded Gatorade will give World of Warcraft players the chance to win replicas of this loot in real life!

There's so much more that can be implemented in the Gatorraid, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Plus, this can open the doors for more product placement in WoW! So what do you think? Should I be hired at Blizzard for my ideas? I think I should.
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