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Full Update

Week 2

Hello everyone, this is my 1st blog about taking Computer Simulation and Gaming at MATC. Vicom 110 this is my first day here and I was put in a group of about 14 guys. Some seem strange but i

work great with others, so lets see how this goes. We get into the business aspects of starting up our own studio, and in the second week, we began getting into the what our "studio" Obscure Fish

would be about. We made up a mission statement as well as choose a professional studio to emulate.
(VALVE) I suggested Bungie and Infinity Ward studios was suggested by one of my classmates, but as a group we decided on Valve, due to their relationship with their community and their desire to

have no bosses.

I Choose to start writing a Company History page starting with the creation of the Company name and we are going to vote on the logo next week.
My first concept of the logo

Final Version voted on by group and simplified by Jason

Week 3
In our 3rd week of class we assigned/volunteered for business positions in our Obscure Fish Studios, so I was able to become the Co-COO, which seems to be a position primarily responsible for

writing some forms as well as yelling at people for not showing at at meetings. I am also the CMO head of Marketing which I'm excited about seeing i do a lil marketing for my music company Loot

Me Ent. I don't enjoy the yelling at people but i do enjoy making sure we get the Job Done. As far as writing forms, I got to take the co-lead writing a 18 page or so Policy and Procedures Manual

with the COO, Steven. We got about half way through before we thought to ask other people to help. Thanks to Paul for help with the financial section, and Jason for help with the Parking section.

I would like to say that it is an interesting read, I can't believe the research that goes into this thing..... But it's worth it

Week 4
For our 4th week of our 110 class we began the voting of what type of "business" ours would be for our class. Most of the people in our group, including myself, voted to form a LLC as opposed to

a C-Corp or a S-Corp. I voted to form an LLC as we could choose to be billed as either a C-Corp or as a S-Corp. We then discussed and voted on which platform, iOS or Android, we would develop

our game for. We decided it would be best to develop for Android, as it was cheaper and would be easier to port to other systems. After this we discussed three game options that we could make.

The option we discussed the most was a horse racing game that i brought to the table and eveyone seem pretty excited. the game is where you could create a virtual stable and train your horses

between races with other peoples virtual horses. I really believe a game like this would be pretty awesome and hasnt been made.... time will tell. The other games were about drawing and the other

about a tilting game

Week 5
In our fifth week of 110, we finally decided on a game type. We decided to develop a mobile platformer that uses the accelerometer of the phone to tell when you tilt it as well as the ability to draw

new platforms. I really didnt liked this idea over our horse racing game idea from last week. But, everyone liked this new idea better except for one me and Chris B, who we all voted to make the

product owner. The product owner being the person in charge of everything. So go figure. I joined the Sound Dev. group, who have to come up with some creative background music for next few

weeks. me and Karyeon. I have to do some more research on game sounds and see what Me and mny new Sound Team can come up with. I also have been doing most of the foot work in
researching everything for the group. Reminder to self, find someone in the group to help with research responsibilities
Some of my research

Week 6
Every Since I been Given Lead Music Dev. My co parnter keeps bugging me for more Sounds.... HOw Many sounds are there out there, LOL. ANYWAY, after many bing serches I came across a few
thounsand more sounds and have given them to him, hopefully that will keep him busy. I have created a few sounds for the game already, I have created menu music, forrest levels, bounce, roll,

and death sounds. I havnt learn how to upload them to grop box but I can still let me group hear them

Week 7
HAve been really just researching alot of sounds lately, came up with a few new things but nothing concrete. Very excited my wife is getting close to having my son and thats what my mind has

been on.... Very Sorry to my group

Week 8
Sorry didnt make it to class, my wife went to hospital and family first.... will keep you up to date when i get back home......

Week 9
Well as alot of you know by now music is my world and i have created a cool menu backgroud sound that im very confident in but been to busy to bring it to group, Also in class was are peer

review. Im very happy with my 4.5 seeing my group knocked me a point because i miss meeting even though i explain to them my wife is having complications with pregnacy but oh well 4.5 is ok..

Week 10
Class was interesting as we are going very hard and seem really focused on the goal. I finally got to show off my menu sound and evryone liked it..... example below
Week 11
I got a few things done and Chris B. made a demo of the game to show our colleges and teacher...... Also the box art is finalized and im glad they took my idea and made the hamster on the box art back.

I added a few more sounds to Dropbox now that i know how to use it, and I got Photoshop CS5.5 today must learn it.....
here's something i made nothing fancy but took me a long ass time.... lol

Here is the Demo Vid

Week 12
Absolutely nothing family time......

Week 13 off.....

Week 14
Back at school and Everyone seems happy to be back and we started working on Poker Planning, which i have to admit i F'N Hate it.... Really dont understand it at all, but i do like the sprint planning just need to get use to it but can see how useful it can be. Chris b updated the Demo again and added my menu song which made me very proud. IT gets a lil Annoying because i have heard it for hours....

Week 15
Best Week of my life..... My wife gave birth to a 6lb 04oz baby boy..... Im so friggin happy. He is healthy and my life has officially changed for the better .

Week 16
Back in class but very tired new born dosent let you sleep much but the final demo build is awesome
We also did another peer review and i got a 4 down from a 4.5 because of attendance again.... Oh well my son is my life and worth the .5 drop

we also went to portfolio night and came out to show support to my team

Week 17
Today we have to present these blogs which i hate doing and the reason I did this entire blog but yesterday we presented our product and Team to the Gener8tor Program and I must say I beleive we did a Helluva Job. Everyone was very proffesional and I believe we all have what it takes to succeed

In Class we showed off our game and went head to head with our other classmates game Pup of Sirius and I must admit they shocked me and came up with a nice product. There presentation was pretty cool but in the end Obscure Fish won. Im proud of my team and now we can concentrate on making great games........

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