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Fable 2: Final Thoughts (Spoiler Free)

My regular readers (ha ha, I know) may have noticed that I never posted an impressions blog for Fable 2 and now here I am giving my final thoughts. The reason for this is that this would have been an impressions blog were it not that I played the whole of the main story over the weekend. This is in contrast to Dead Space which took me a few (largely pleasurable) weeks to get through. I would have predicted this to be the other way around and I still can't decide whether this is a good thing.

At times, Fable 2 seems like a game that desperately wants me not to care. For a start, let's take the populace of Albion. The vast majority of people you interact with are... well, how to put this? They're simple folk. They just aren't particularly interesting to interact with and I've no idea why on earth I'd want to hang around them and give them presents, let alone marry any of them - so I didn't. This is a common thread in the game - aside from the more interesting side-quests, I was never really compelled to partake in the world more than strictly necessary.

Um, another screenshot.
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