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Surflocke Investigates: The death of traditional JRPGs. Lost Odyssey did it.


No Surflocke Holmes comic book excerpts unfortunately as Iím currently writing the actual comic book. Please except this lolcat instead.

Well itís finally happened, someone killed traditional JRPGs. The culprit is none other than Lost Odyssey. Iím only half way through it but I think I can go ahead and make the call. Traditional JRPGs are completely and totally dead, and like all good corpses they should be buried peacefully and not have their rotting corpse drug out and put on display.

Itís not that Lost Odyssey is bad, in fact itís actually quite good. That is how it killed the JRPG. Lost Odyssey covers everything that a JRPG has been and could be and does it in a well put together way. Every aspect of the traditional JRPG is done and done well in it.

Lost Odyssey is all there is for the traditional JRPG. Any game made after Lost Odyssey will just be a rehashing of all that comes before it. Lost Odyssey is the pinnacle of what can be achieved in this gaming format, in fact it could be argued itís a little past the peak.

I know someone is going to try to release another JRPG, but this right now is evolve or die time. Turn based combat comes from a time when technology was not good enough to have the complexity of combat that the genre creators wanted. Now that hurdle has been passed, it has already been done in countless other games.

From now on the Japanese need to make RPGs that embrace the future. We need to have action/adventure style games with all the elements that make JRPGs great. We need intuitive leveling systems like in Oblivion. We need fun combat. We need skill trees and equipment variations that are interesting but not overly complex. The other developers can build a fun gameplay system, but they just canít fill it up with the content that you do. Like Mass Effect, Iím having fun running and gunning people but do I have to visit the same stupid planet and do the same stupid mission with different textures and call it side-quests?

To all you Square Enixes of the world, Lost Odyssey was it. It was the last traditional JRPG game you will make that I will enjoy. You need to let it go. Change is good, embrace the change. I love you too much to let you destroy yourself by humping a dead corpse.

I will be trying Persona 3 when the special addition comes out because I heard that was a good evolution of the genre. Hopefully they will be someone that finally gets it.

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