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I want you to join the TF2/Steam community, I want you to leave the drama out (a post in two parts)

I couldn't find any pics of uncle sam that weren't long as hell so I'm marking this post as not ADD friendly

We have a great TF2/Steam community and I want all of you to be a part of it. If you haven't already, mosy on over to here and join up. We have a great line up of PC enjoyment. Starting with Titan Quest Monday's, then there is TFTuesday of course, then we have co-op Wednesday, Obscure Half-Life Mod Thursday , Friday Night Fights, and Civ4 Saturday. On the seventh day we rest and see that it is good.

If you want to be active in TF2 just join the steam community and frequent the server. For the other days a lot more organization is involved so we have a forum set up. Also all destructoid community members get reserve slots on the TF2 server! That means if it is full and there is someone not on the reserve list currently in the server they will get kicked for you. Just post your steamID here. It is important that we do it this way as pubs are necessary for any PC server's health and to them it's not insulting to get kicked by the console "for using a reserved slot" but it is if they get kicked by an admin for a Dtoider.

I have had the great pleasure of taking up the organization for Obscure Half-Life Mod Thursday, which is fantastic for me because I never really played any of these mods when they were popular. I have to tell you getting chased around by zombies through a subway was one of the most memorable gaming experiences I have ever had. If you want to participate go to the forums and look for the thread for the upcoming Thursday. There you can vote for what we will play, and I post all the links to the mods as well. If you want to suggest something for the following week feel free to do that also.

This brings me to the second part of my post. We really only have one rule in our community/server. This rule is basically the same as the Destructoid motto. We call it don't be an asshat, here it's referred to as STFUAJPG. We run it as being friendly. I really like this and it is the main reason I've become so involved. I like to think of it as an oasis. At the oasis Lions, elephants, giraffes and whatever tend to hang out and have a tentative peace. Yes our rule attracts a lot of people that usually receive a lot of hate (like furries). But as an oasis you are expected not to harass them. There is no compromise to this. In exchange I expect them not to harass you or try and bait you. I do not think this is unreasonable, and for the most part the furries keep the furry aspect of themselves to, well themselves.

The only reason that you will be kicked/banned from the server is that through your behavior you were ruining the game for at least 1 other person. If you feel you were kicked/banned for another reason please contact CaffeinePowered or Kor.

We have had some community members who have had problems in the past but have come to understand why we run the server in this way and have become a part of the community. One in particularly I have gained some respect for and as of this moment is a cool guy in my book. Saying this won't win me points, but I think it is important to extend the olive branch. You know who you are, I'm glad you decided to become a part of the community. I hope that others will come to the same understanding. There is nothing wrong with putting down your hate of someone or a group of people to have fun with them playing a game. You can resume it afterwards if you choose.
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