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To the Bioshock Infinite's Moon (via lighthouses)

Right then. Before we set off, let�s get some things out of the way. This is my first ever blog for this website. If you consider my writing to be sub-par, you can nibble on my manly earlobes. And please bear in mind, English is not my native language. If you spot any mistakes and you feel the urge to gleefully point those out to me, you can massage my hairy calves. But, if any of the actual content of this bit of writing finds you entertaining opposite viewpoints backed up with actual arguments, please feel free to get medieval on my ass in the comments section. Also: SPOILERS. In huge quantities.

When playing Infinite the first time, I noticed pretty striking similarities with a game called �To the moon�, that are just too good not to explore for a bit, but before I go into actual spoiler territory, if you have played Bioshock Infinite (which is likely) but have not yet had a chance to play To the moon, stop reading RIGHT NOW and play the game. From this moment on, any time not spend playing that game constitutes a major lack of prioritization on your part. The thing is only 4-5 hours long, and the price on Steam is the equivalent to that of only two pints of lager. To the moon is probably one of the very few things in life that offer a more rewarding experience for that amount of money than drinking those two pints. But I digress.

This blog is about lighthouses. In both games, lighthouses play an important part in the story, and use the concept of lighthouses as metaphors in similar ways.

Bioshock Infinite�s title is not only a reference to its exploration of a multiverse conception, but most likely also to its development budget, which is quite probably similar to the GNP of a small European country. To the moon�s development budget is probably more comparable to the GNP of my back yard. I am not claiming that there is no need for massive development budgets in the gaming industry. Bioshock Infinite�s world is amazingly creative (and creatively amazing) which I am sure could not have been developed without an enormous budget. The point I am making here is that we have two completely different games exploring similar concepts through similar devices in their own unique ways.

In the introduction I encouraged everybody to go �medieval on my ass� if they find themselves in disagreement with any of my musings. If you decide to do so, please be gentle, it is my first time after all.
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