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Support your local game stores!

Check this out, I made the quite the haul recently. I've been trying to find local places to get games since all the ones I knew before disappeared other than the giant that is GameStop. GameStop is ok but usually their prices leave something to be desired and them not carrying systems older than last gen just doesn't do it for me (although I did pick up a Monster Cable component cable there for Xbox for $7.19!!). Also, I hate paying $5+ shipping for one game only from the Internets for $5 games.

I was looking around pawn shops for games when I was told to check out a "place down the street that has lots of games" called Price Busters. I figured what the hell and checked it out. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I was not in heaven. NES, SNES, Genesis, GBA, N64, PS2, Xbox, GameCube titles galore with a bunch of DVDs and some Xbox 360 games for added fun.

Just some of the stuff they had:

I spent $35.43 and walked out with all the below:

It was money I didn't really have - I was supposed to be going to this big car show a couple of states away with my girlfriend. I'm so lucky to have such a cool girlfriend. She told me not to worry about it. She even got her a Game Boy micro and a couple of games. The next day we went back and I picked up these for $19.34:

Could you do this at GameStop? I think not. Consider this a Public Service Announcement: if you are into old games, do yourself a favor and look up "video game stores" for your area in the phone book. You may be glad you did. Make sure to support these places and maybe they'll be able to stick around.

On a side note, I did stop at a GameStop awhile back and picked up The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons for Game Boy Color for $5 but I can't get the damn thing to work, even after cleaning it. It just shows a scrambled Nintendo logo. It does that on my Game Boy Color, Advance SP and Game Boy Player for the GameCube. Anybody have any ideas on that?
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