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HDTVs and Gaming Guide Part 2

Hello D-Toid! In case you missed it, this is a two-part series (unless I decide to make another part, who knows). The first part mainly dealt with what you need to know when buying a HDTV for your gaming needs. Part 2 will mainly deal with ...


HDTVs and Gaming Guide Part 1

Well, it's almost that time again, that dreaded and wonderful time when the awesome and chaotic mix either to make total disappointment or a total triumph. Nope, not a console launch (thank God we won't have to deal with that again for awhi...


Support your local game stores!

Check this out, I made the quite the haul recently. I've been trying to find local places to get games since all the ones I knew before disappeared other than the giant that is GameStop. GameStop is ok but usually their prices leave somethi...


It's-a-me, SuperDave!

Hello Destructoid! I figured I would use my first blog post to describe myself a little since the right side is pretty full with all of the systems that I own. I'm 28 years old and as you can probably tell already, gaming is my #1 hobby. I...


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