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Monthly Musings: The Future and why im worried

First of all happy new year to all of you, and one of my new year resolutions was to write more this year so here is my first post in 2010 and this months topic is the perfect place to start as I have never posted a reply to the monthly topics so here goes.

So I guess im suppose to talk about the future of the industry and what I think about it, well im kind of excited and worried at the same time I guess. As far as the games coming out this year and possibly next year I could not be more hyped for titles such as Halo reach, Mass effect 2, Splinter cell conviction and God of war 3. These are only 4 games of the list that exceeds 30 games that im excited about this year. The amount of games this year or even in January alone is nothing short of amazing in my mind. After last year playing games such as Uncharted 2, Call of duty MW2 and Batman Arkham Asylum I have seen some really impressive games starting to be developed on this generations consoles. The quality of games seems to be on the rise as developers are getting more and more use to the creating games the consoles of today.

Now when I look back at the past two generations the games always improve as time goes on in the generation. Game developers progress and put out games of a much higher quality towards the end of a generation than they did at the start. This is expected obviously but let me explain why this generation has me a little worried about where the industry is going right now.

If we go back only a few years when the Xbox 360 and playstation 3 were released, the main taglines that the companies were using were such things as HD gaming, more processing power, more cinematic experiences and great online service. These days im hearing "motion controls", "something for everyone", "the whole family can join in" and "new and innovative ways to play". Now im all for innovation but does everyone need to innovate in the same way. This without a doubt has been fuelled by the success of the Nintendo Wii and its appeal to babies and grandparents, but is it really needed from everyone. Rather than offer something different than another company they would rather say " hey we got the same thing but its a little better ", and this is why im slightly worried. Just when developers seem to be getting to grips with the software and hardware that there using; now every company is throwing motion controls at them and saying �make it work ". As I said before I have no problem with innovation but at least try and perfect on area before moving onto something else. Everyone still does not have a HD TV an im already hearing things about 3D technology in TVs and gaming.

Im worried about the future of the industry simply because of the speed that a company is willing to change its entire game plan in an instant if someone else makes some money, I understand that this is a business but it is also the business of gaming, and in my opinion Nintendo has this motion stuff already locked down. I don�t think there are many people anymore who do not have a Wii these days and are going to switch to a 360 because now they can play Halo with motion controls. Also with this generation I always here talks about how the life cycle is a lot longer now, so instead of a console lasting around 5 years before a new one is released, companies like Sony are looking to make the PS3 a ten year cycle so what�s the rush. We all heard about how the PS3 had all this power that it was not using to its full potential until recently and just when games like Killzone 2 and Uncharted 2 are being produced Sony wants us to play with ice cream cones.

So I ask you all what is wrong with the controllers we have now, the saying �If it isn�t broke don�t fix it� applies here I feel. Nintendo won the war of sales so far for being different while Microsoft and Sony competed for the best graphics and online. Now both of these companies are competing for the same thing once again but for some reason keep talking about offering an experience that no one else can offer, Its not really innovative if the other company is doing the same thing in my opinion, and the company that dares to be different is the company that will grab peoples attention. So I guess im worried about the industry because out of the three companies out there that provide me with games its hard to find someone talking about anything else but gimmicks and add ons.
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