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The reality issue

I have been thinking a lot about the future of this industry and the direction itís going right now with all the motion controller stuff that all three console makers are starting to come out with. Now from the way I see things in the gamin...


Maybe asking too much

Hey so this is the first time I have wrote anything in a while because of two reasons, first is that I have been kind of busy at university and second is because instead of writing I have been reading. A major trend that I have seen is peop...


No more mascots

Let me take you back to the good old days of the Sega mega drive ( or genesis ) and the SNES, the days when each console had its own mascot and they were constantly compared with each other when people would wonder who would win out the the...


Hi im kinda new here :D

My first post WOW, ok so im very new to blogging and kind of new to destructoid, i have always wanted to start something like this and on this day i got the courage to start my own blog with hopes that my opinions and thoughts are at least ...


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