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About Super Ghosts n Ghostsone of us since 9:44 PM on 03.19.2009

Super Ghosts 'n ... Ghosts? is many things. Part amateur ghost hunters, part filmmakers, part video game designers, part jerks.

Sure we've got official webpages and all that junk, but we like the Destructoid Community so we've decided to share our posts about our movie and awesome XBOX 360 game that is in development with the community. I can assure you, Cblogrecap-ers, this ain't no spam.

As filmmakers and video game designers we like viewer and player interaction, we want to know what you guys are thinking and want to answer any questions you may have about the process of turning our movie into a game and beyond!

Maybe you know, maybe you think you know, maybe you don't know. Either way, we're sharin' it.

Our video game, Super Ghosts 'n ... Ghosts?: The Movie Colon The Game! is being handled entirely by us, a four man team, under our game studio Odd Man Out Studios

Super Ghosts 'n ... Ghosts? is:

Danny Rodriguez - www.oddmanoutstudios.net
Joey Rodriguez - www.electricjones-productions.com
Jason "JZ" Zielinski - www.coltranstudios.com
Matt Anderson - www.electricshadowpuppets.com

Wanna check out our movie? Download it to your computer, iPod, or iPhone; or just watch the entire movie online! It's free! Just head over to:


Wanna check out all that's happening with our independent game for XBOX 360 and PC? Head to our official website at:


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Synopsis: Super Ghosts 'n ... Ghosts? is a documentary feature film that follows the mis-adventures of two guys, bored out of their minds, who decide to take up ghost hunting. The only problem is they have no idea what they are doing! Whoa! Hilarity most likely ensues.

Is it funny? Is it serious? Do we even care?