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Conundrum? or just a terrible decider?

So tomorrow i have decided to go up to my local game/gamestaion and trade in a bunch of games for Homefront, from what i've seen and heard from multiple people (not reviewers) the game is good and despite its short campaign length has a dam good story and a decent multiplayer to boot....

Now my quandry is this, if i do go out to said store and purchase said game, what do i then do about the imminant arrival of Crysis 2, you see, i want it....i want to play its single player nearly as much as i want to spread honey over jessica biel and tell her to call me raymond, problem is i have played the multiplayer demo...both of them, and i was not a fan. Thing is however i haven't played Homefronts multiplayer, and so therefore im only basing my 'decent multiplayer' comment on other peoples word, and that hardly ever goes right.....

My conundrum is do i take a chance on Homefront, or do i wait a bit and get Crysis, only one can win.......Sharonnnnnnn!
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