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Alternate Universe: 5 Movies That You Think Could Have Been Great Games

Since the summer has rolled by, I've been doing nothing but studying for my summer term, firing up the PSTriple (360 is collecting dust T_T), and watching an assortment of movies that just "per chance" happened to be on sale at Best Buy in the Bluray department. So after watching a bunch of them I thought about this topic. Which movies, if introduced as a game first, would you think have been named a great game?

I know the two don't EVER, EVER, EVER, go together, but let's just pretend for a second here that we're living in another universe where all games were movies and all movies were games. Here's my list, what's yours?
P.S.Kudos if you have watched/recognize all the movies I mention here.

5: Ultraviolet

I have noticed that one suggestion for Equilibrium had been done, so I'm not going to copy that entry instead I would suggest this other work by Kurt Wimmer. I don't know what it is about his movies, but his gun katas action is unparalleled, which could make a perfect translation into video games. The settings are futuristic and highly reminiscent of games like Persona. Not to mention Milla Jovovich's character has this cool Octocamo thing going with her hair so they could implement some open world stealth in this game. Complete with femme fatale, I think Ultraviolet, while not a very good movie, could make an excellent Assassin's Creed style game (with 100% less boring).

4: Seven Samurai

This was an old 1960s Japanese black and white film that has possibly been the precursor to all movies which involve clever teamwork (Oceans 11, Italian Job). In the movie, each samurai has a specific talent that he contributes to the whole team. If done correctly, I could imagine this game being a hybrid genre style, where you could take control of each character and hone his ability to do things to accomplish your missions. You'd have a character whose missions specialize in tactically organizing your fellow samurai and villagers (a la FF Tactics). You'd have characters capable of stealth missions. Character's that would go around and build traps. The sheer idea of teamwork and different genre's that each character could bring to the game could make this, in my opinion, a damn fine game.

3: Storm Riders

I don't know if anybody here watches Hong Kong cinema. But if you don't, you must absolutely watch this movie. The movie is based on the excellent comic book of same name and has an intriguing story that would turn this into a fine RPG. In the movie there are two main protagonists, Wind and Cloud, who both have their own unique supernatural martial arts. Wind has the ability to fly around and just kick the shit out of everything super fast, whereas Cloud has the ability to manipulate anything liquid (including his own blood). If polished correctly, this could be the perfect mesh of Devil May Cry and Jade Empire.

2: Princess Mononoke

I know what you're thinking...why? Because the setting of Princess Mononoke is so lush and green and excellently detailed in animation form, that I think making a graphical representation of this environment in-game would be totally revolutionary and would get a minimum 8 score (out of 10) on presentation alone. Also the movie totally reminds me of a puzzle solving ambient adventure like Lost Winds, or could take a turn during battles and be like Shadow of the Colossus.

1: Face/Off

Arguably one of the best action movies of it's time, Face/Off is #1 on my list for everything I could want in an action game. Awesome bullet time, plot twists and turns, cover and destructible environments, doves and pigeons flying around a church fight. Does anything get better than that John Woo signature? Face/Off was a great movie, and I mean it a lot when I can say, it'd be a damn fine game.

Well this is my list, stay tuned to another entry of my alternate universe series where I'll turn the tables. Before I do so though, what is everyone's top 5 for movies-to-games?
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