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Free To Play (Free To Pay)

Own a smart phone? Like games? Have fingers? If you answered yes to all these questions then youíll probably at some point downloaded an app that isnít just for taking awful artistic photos and tagging it with cheesy captions (Instagram you...


Naked Pictures Of My Ex-Girlfriend?

Oh no he didnít. No I didnít. Sorry for disappointing but there be no naked pictures of my girlfriend here. With word trickery and wit sharper than cold nipples the title of this blog has seduced the viewer into reading. Or scrolling to t...


The Value Of Games

The price of a game has never reflected how much a consumer is going enjoy the title. Triple A games are almost exclusively priced at £39.99 ($60) at release. The amount of money handed over won't change depending on review scores or custom...


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I'm Will, I enjoy long walks on the beach and hanging my head in shame. Currently I play Xbox and PC but may be delving into playstation land just for LittleBig Planet.
My favourite word is avian but I've never being a bird.
Aside from games basketball, poker and guitar fiddling are my main interests.
Also books but everyone says books.