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Building a Video Game Canon, Week 2

Since the forum was down for one whole week, I have no other choice to combine week 2 and 3 into one single update.

So, what's new in the discussions?

When it comes to Metal Gear Solid, the discussions seem to more and more tend to include the title in the canon. Street Fighter 2 and Tomb Raider were added without any big discussions, which speaks for them. One discussion that really surprised me is the one about Pokémon.

Now, I see why people want Pokémon to be included on the list: It is enormously popular and has even penetrated mainstream media in every way that you could imagine. But did it bring something new in terms of mechanics? Did it really change the way video games have been done after that game?
While I think the game is very influential, I still wonder if I should include it. If you have any ideas, please participate in the discussions.

One big question that has been popping up is the one where we should stop. When is our video game canon complete? The simple answer is: It never will be. Canons, be it literary or movie ones, are never fixed and constantly discussed. They are part of an evolution that is a sign of its community. The more vivid the discussions are, the healthier the community around it is.

Oh, yes, and System Shock 2 has been mentioned. Want to know if more people want it to be included. It actually made me happy that it was mentioned, even though I personally tend more to include Deus Ex, which was also produced by Warren Spector.

I'm very happy with the discussions and want to thank anyone who participates in it. Please continue and provide to the discussion here.
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