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A Question for PS3 Fanboys - PS3 regions

I have a question that I have been trying to find information on but then I realized what better place to ask than here? As I mentioned earlier, I'm a kiwi, that's a New Zealander loyal to the Queen for the uninitiated. Now, I would like ...


Title, what's that for?

Wouldn't that imply I have some outline or plan for this post? I don't! I figured I should just try and increase my blog posting count to more than one. In my last blog I stated that I'm a Kiwi, that's a New Zealander for ye uninitiated....


WTF is this!?

A destructoid blog? Well, I'm a kiwi and a gaming freak from New Zealand. I play games for games, and don't really give a toss what machine it is on. I don't really have anything interesting to say here. I've been here for some time and...


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