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Resident Evil 4 - Best RE ever or where it jumped the shark?

Blasphemy to even suggest it to some, I know. It was definitely an incredible game. On the Wii I still found it as good as on the Cube. When it first came out on the Cube, I just couldn't get over the graphics. It remains an incredibly beautiful game and a solid one at that. It was critically well received. I think moreso than any RE before it. However, it did mark a significant post Umbrella era in the series.

So, for you RE fans out there, do you think RE4 was a good entry in the overall franchise, or was it so vastly different to the games before it, both in style and story, that it perhaps heralded the demise of old school Resident Evil? I loved the RE remake on the Cube, I loved RE2 on PSOne, I loved Code Veronica on Dreamcast. I would definitely consider myself an RE fan. I consider RE4 a stellar game, probably the best out of the series gameplay and graphics wise. It just feels a little odd, very different. Agree or disagree?
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