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Missing the Point - Deus Ex: HR & Dishonored

Ever have it where the only thing stopping you from enjoying something is yourself? Welcome to StryngBean is Anal, or How I Learned to Shut Up and Enjoy Videogames Again. Tuesday Augest 23rd, 2011. I had that date locked down; between my ...


An introduction?

I suppose since I'm new here it would be a decent idea to introduce myself. I'm StryngBean. I hail from the frozen north known as Canada. Like any good citizen, I pray to our moose and beaver gods every night in hopes of dreaming up images...


About StryngBeanone of us since 3:51 PM on 11.30.2012

As I'm sure you do, I too enjoy videogames.

They make up a big chuck of my life, and I hope for my career to involve them in some way.

I like the community here, and figured it's about time to be somewhat present.

This will be a lot less stagnant once I figure out something better to put here!

I love this animation from River City Ransom, so I made it look kind of like me.