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Talking to Trainers About Pokemon Week 1: Worldwide Release!


There's a common sentiment among the Cblog Recappers at the slow pace of the cblog community as of late. In the interest of revitalizing the cblogs and with Pokemon's inevitable release, I thought we could start a conversation on it due to an important detail regarding Pokemon X and Y's release: its simultaneous worldwide release.

For the longest time, Japan received the game first and people hungry for information regarding the new game would hunt on the web for information and tidbits from people who were playing the Japanese copy. But now the entire world will start the game at roughly the same time and it opens the possibility for ongoing conversation. Think of this post as the start for a weekly game club, where we can talk about our discoveries and thoughts on the game.

Here are some questions to start off the conversation for you to dwell on. Be sure to leave a comment and you may be highlighted on next week's Talking to Trainers About Pokemon. But since we're trying to reinvigorate the cblogs, don't be afraid to really let loose with longer answers by starting a blog. As long as you have long form thought to share about Pokemon, even if it only tangentially relates to this week's questions, don't be afraid to write, write, write!

If you are purchasing Pokemon X or Y, where are you returning to the Kalos region?

I have a feeling many people will say this but the jump to 3D graphics made X and Y really appealing to jumping back in. We all know that despite the 3DS' resurgence in success, a lot of people only got a 3DS for the inevitable Pokemon 3DS game and it's finally arrived.

Also, the Mega Evolutions are a cool take on giving older Pokemon a new lease on life. Lie to yourself all you want, but Charizard will always have trouble competing against the likes of Inferape or Volcarona due to its movepool stats. But with the introduction of Mega Charizard, specifically Charizard X, it receives buffs such as new a ability and even changing its flying typing to dragon. The Mega Evolutions are especially unknown despite leaks, so I'm excited to see where new evolutions can take older Pokemon.

Are there any hopes and aspirations you're hoping on discovering in the sixth generation?

I've already touched on discovering new Mega Evolutions but attacks are a big deal too. One leaked example is dual typed attacks like Flying Press. This move is a fighting-type move that is also flying! Similarly to the previous generation and the introduction of ridiculous boosting moves like Shell Smash or how Psyshock uses the user's special attack but calculates against the target's defense. If Flying Press is a sign of things to come, I can't wait to see how the metagame especially develops with the new moves.

We'll keep it simple like that for now. I could write a lot more but I cut myself off so I could keep the post brief so you can get to thinking and typing yourself! Remember, feel free to leave a comment down here to see if you get highlighted next week but if you find yourself typing out an essay of a response, feel free to break it off into a proper cblog! Get to catching them all Pokemon trainers!

- Show me your moves

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