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Strider's personal Pokébank wishlist

I've saved a lot of Pokemon in my days of playing the series. I've held onto Pokemon I've caught in Emerald version way back with the GBA cartridges. But PokeBank has been delayed indefinitely, and with it Poke Transporter, leaving a lot of my favorites still sitting around in my Pokemon Black card. It's just salt in the wound that Japanese trainers got their hands while they could on Pokebank. Some people are swimming in Chimchars and Piplups.

Collecting Pokemon is a very personal story. No two trainers can raise the same Pokemon. At first I thought I wanted to write about the most interesting Pokemon you can transfer and introduce to the Kalos region. But when I get down to it, all I want to do is talk about my unique Pokemon that I want to bring into my Pokemon X game.

1. Shiny Rhyperior - HAKUSHO from Emerald's Hoenn region
I've told this story a lot before but HAKUSHO has always been one of my favorite success stories. One day while looking for a Chansey in Hoenn, and as tradition goes, Chansey has almost always been a rare Pokemon that's only found in the Safari Zone. If you've seen the Pokemon Origins anime, the fleeting scene of the Safari Zone is spot on, as its one of the most challenging, rage inducing areas in the game when it comes to catching them all.

You have to blindly decide between throwing rocks at your quarry, potentially pissing them off and making them bolt, or throwing food at them, potentially giving them a free meal which they will then dine and dash on you for. Both have their uses in luring your catch and making them lower their guard. Unfortunately, information regarding their catchability is completely hidden unlike normal battles with health bars. Its usually a nerve wracking experience when you finally find what you're looking for only to have them run away. Dratinis are another big perpatrator to being found in Safari Zones.

So imagine my shock and despair when I encountered a shiny Rhyhorn in the first Safari patch of grass. Great! This rare find is going to get away from me because I found it in the Safari Zone.

Then I caught it after throwing one rock and one piece of bait. Not only that, it was a Rhyhorn with the right ability that after transferring to Diamond, it got Solid Rock as its ability after evolving into Rhyperior. It may be slightly softer in terms of defense, but he'll hit harder than your average Rhyperior.

2. Shiny Roserade - Black Rose from Diamond's Sinnoh region
Roserade is chronologically the second shiny I'd ever caught and yet the celebration was comparatively more tepid. I caught Black Rose as a shiny Roselia but she didn't have anything amazing. She had a bad nature and an inadequate ability to boot. I figured Black Rose wasn't going to be the best Roserade she could be so I decided to build her a different way.

Believing her to have trouble trying a traditional spikes or support build, I trained Roserade to be a niche weather fighter. Since Roserade could learn Weather Ball, a special attack that changes properties based on the current weather, I thought to surprise opponents by slapper her onto a sun or hail team for the element of surprise with a sudden fire or ice attack Roserade normally can't have.

Bringing Black Rose into Gen VI though introduces the possibility of giving her an Ability Capsule, allowing her to have her coveted Natural Cure ability.

3. Gengar - MICHIE from Soulsilver's Johto region
Gengar is a Kalos dex native, so Michie doesn't appear to have much going for it besides a personal story. Gengar has always been a powerful Pokemon, ever since the first generation. The difference with Michie is that she's a success story of EV training and IVs.

I've trained two Gengars since putting down Soulsilver. None of them ever came close to Michie's ridiculous special attack of 190. The only explaination is that in addition to relentless EV training, when I caught Michie as a quiet, unassuming Ghastly, she actually had a perfect IV in special attack. I'm pretty excited to bring her into Kalos and try her hand at some annoying choice attacking sets or even a Gengarite set (even though that's uber now).

4. Nidoking - Kaijuu from Unova's Entree Forest
When's the last time you've seen Nidoking? He's universally panned most of the time but he's actually a potent force in the UU tier. That's because Nidoking has an expansive offensive movepool that allows it to super effective nearly anything it meets.

Nidoking's claim to fame is its hidden ability, formerly only available in the now defunct Dream World. Sheer Force removes an attack's secondary effect in exchange for 33% more power. It also removes Life Orb's only drawback, an item that drains health in exchange for 33% more power. My particular Nidoking uses Earth Power and Sludge Bomb for STAB plus Ice Beam and Thunderbolt for the infamous boltbeam combo: a combo with nearly perfect super effective coverage across the spectrum. Sure super effective hits combined with 66% extra punching power from a modest special attack focus are all benefits to Nidoking's useful defensive typing for ground/poison. As long as big threats to Kaijuu are removed, he'll tear holes in a team that can't take the hits well.

5. Kyogre - the sea basin Pokemon from Emerald's Hoenn region
Kyogre is by far my favorite legendary. A leviathan that creates a flood by simply appearing is quite the mythos for a whale-sized Pokemon. Kyogre is a great design and he also has the power behind it to really walk the walk along with the talk. Kyogre tends to make better use of its rain inducing ability too, with extremely powerful Hydro Pumps and Water Spouts going far beyond Groudon's Drought and Earthquake or Eruption.

Kyogre also has the honor of being one of the only Pokemon I've legitimately raised to level 100 through countless grinds against the Elite 4. My box of ubers has swelled over the years, so I definitely have enough Pokemon to construct a team for an uber's tier fight and I definitely want to focus on building around a Kyogre.

6. Duskinoir - TASHA from Diamond's Sinnoh region
Duskinoir has always been in an awkward position it received its new evolution. On one hand, Duskinoir has incredible mixed bulk and greatly upgraded attack compared to it's previous evolution. On the other hand, giving Dusclops eviolite makes it nigh unkillable with the exception to a lack of reliable health recovery.

Tasha to me has always been a great, flexible defensive pivot since its mono ghost-typing allows it decent switch ins. The thing to really be interested in the Duskinoir this generation is its new attack from TM, Infestation. Binding moves got a buff by inflicting 1/8 damage every turn and Duskinoir's epically low HP allows it to take a lot through Pain Split. Anything unprepared to stay through Infestation's trapping may be likely to die a slow, painful death if it can't punch through Duskinoir quickly enough.

7. Ursaring - YOGI from Diamond's Sinnoh region
I've always had a soft spot for normal-type Pokemon actually. They're often underrated due to the lack of interceding between powerful STAB attacks and super effective attacks. But normal-types often compensate by having strong stats in one area even at the risk of overspecialization and Ursaring is an example of one such.

I don't believe the Teddiursa line is available in Kalos but if you don't know what Ursaring is capable of, know that it has a ton of attack at its disposal without a whole lot of speed or even bulk to work with. It also has access to Guts, which can lead to frightening levels of overkill. Since Ursaring has no speed to speak of, mine has Guts and a Rest/Talk set. Sleep counts as a status ailment, even if self-inflicted so with some HP EVs, Yogi can refresh its health and hit super hard with a STAB, Guts boosted, status boosted Facade. Rest/Talk is of course a prolific but unpredictable set, so Yogi benefits from having possible counters removed, mostly ghosts and Pokemon who soar over Earthquake. But if there isn't a Pokemon that can ignore these two attacks, nothing is going to want to take either one with the amount of power Ursaring can draw on.

8. Whimsicott - Fluffee from White's Unova region
Back in the previous generation, Prankster was revered as a powerful ability but was limited to very few useful Pokemon. While Whimsicott got it, which elevates priority of non-attacking moves by +1, it lacked the bulk or typing to really make good use.

Whimsicott received one notable buff in gen VI though: a retcon to be dual grass/fairy typing. Fairy is an amazing defensive typing that allows Whimsicott to do a lot more shenanigans with its support movepool and Prankster. In fact, his movepool is so diverse that I actually have two Whimsicott with two different movesets. One is a defensive stall set while another is a Memento set to support setup sweepers.

Whimsicott is unobtainable in the Kalos dex, so I look forward to bringing my own little fluffy bastard into gen VI.

9. Omastar - Brorush from White Unova's region
Omastar was one of the original fossil Pokemon but it wasn't until the previous generation that I trained one in earnest. Its because Black/White was dominated by a weather metagame and Omastar was one of the more niche but destructive stars of rain gameplay.

My friend actually knows of Brorush quite well as I've sweeped his teams before in the past. With rain up thanks to a teammate and Shell Smash, Swift Swim and Shell Smash work together to allow Brorush to outspeed even certain Choice Scarfed revengers. Rain and Shell Smash allow synergize together to create extremely devastating Surfs. Anything that cannot resist water gets washed away easily.

Brorush needs a bit of setup but with the right support, you'll see that I named him that for a reason.

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