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My favorite things about Gotham City Impostors


I love Gotham City Impostors! Going into the game as a veteran fan of Monday Night Combat, with experience from every Call of Duty game since Modern Warfare, I immediately fell into the groove needed to play this game well.

Games like Team Fortress 2 and Monday Night Combat just have a certain charm to it. Design choices that lead to an enjoyable atmosphere of colorful backdrops and characters. Gotham City Impostors enhances this by having a handful of items that fit under its gadget category which dramatically change the way you think about most shooters, as well as other customization options. From body size, to main weapons, support weapons, and the of course perks. But of course, through the eyes of Gotham City Impostors, perks are fun facts! And it's fine to pack two weapons which would both be considered primaries in any other shooter. And planting the flag in capture the flag activates a strange hypnosis machine that causes all enemies to flail their arms in a useless stupor.

Long of it short: if you think calling in an attack helicopter is crazy, wait until you try this game.

Using the glider rig to dive bomb your hapless enemies

The glider rig allows to you use height and air vents to glide enormous distances quickly. But if you get someone in your sights, you can dive bomb them for significant damage.


You can customize your character size for your usual benefits. Smaller is faster and harder to hit but less health and bigger is slower but more health. The glider rig not only helps negates the speed problem for fatties, they also do more damage with their dive bomb! Getting streaks thanks to dive bombs never gets old.

Literally playing as a ninja

First, you have the ninja smoke bomb, which turns you mostly invisible for an indefinite amount of time while restricting your actions. Second, not only can you equip a silencer and a hunting bow, but you can also use shurikens.


Put it all together with some smart maneuvers and you'll constantly be disappearing and reappearing behind your enemies to hit them where they can't see you! All without appearing on your enemies' mini-map. Personally, I prefer the hatchet as it can silently one-hit-kill while being much harder to use compared to shurikens or boomerangs.

Becoming a one-man checkpoint

The care package is a support item you can drop to replenish your allies' health and ammo on the fly. That's not to say you can't reap its benefits as well.

With the largest body type, I've had great success (and lulz) finding a defensible position, dropping a care package at my feet, and stopping every enemy who attempts to pass by my area. Since the only gametypes available so far in the beta are objective gametypes, all I need to do is fortify an area near an objective and the flies simply come to me!


I love those Quake-style kill fanfares. Getting double kills, triples, and multi-kills accompanied by that deep voiced, maniacal announcement that empowers you so much. Impostor's fanfare for multi-kills are similar but flavored appropriately.

Considering it's Bats versus Jokers, the fanfare announcement for a multi-kill is like hearing a carnie announce that you've won some big prize. Especially considering that multi-kills are on a different level of difficulty compared to other shooters makes these fanfares especially hilarious and rewarding.

Slap'em silly!

Psych Warfare is pretty much capture the flag with a twist. Grab the battery and hook it up to your propaganda machine. When it activates after charging for 24 seconds, it spews out strange music and hypnotic messages which demoralize the enemy team, reducing them to a bunch of flailing babies. You get a point for setting off the propaganda machine and mopping up the leftover babies is just an added reward for your kill/death ratio.

Even though they're flailing wildly, that doesn't mean they're incapable of inflicting hilarious, spazzy-looking damage. If they somehow get close enough, they can still actually fight back with hilarious looking nerd slaps! And of course it'll show up on the kill feed for everyone to see.

“Another headshot for BATMAN!”

Some people get tired of the one-liners and quips the impostors spit out but I never seem to get tired of them, especially when everyone changes the pitch of their voice to varying degrees.

FYI I am Batman.

There's of course the Conan the barbarian voice, but you can make it as deep or as high as you want. So putting it on a tiny man with high pitch is not only fitting for the image but hilarious. How about a deadly emo female voice with some of the most cliché Linkin Park lyrics imaginable with a chipmunk's squeaky voice.

Delusional wannabe heroes with deep voices are just a slam dunk for me.

Those are just some of my favorite things about Gotham City Impostors. As it's currently in beta, there are a lot of bugs to iron out like laggy games, mismatched UI, and various placement glitches. Probably the funniest thing about the whole game though is the concept that these are supposed to be normal people like you and me, but with big comic book delusions which allow them to go to great lengths to buy deadly firearms and make their own explosives.

If I were a smidge crazier, that could be me dressed as Batman in bathrobes with a jury rigged grapple gun, going after clown themed gangsters.

Or maybe not, but that's part of the fun of the game anyways: the crazy.

Let me ax you a question: have you played the beta yet?

- Show me your moves

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