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Late night thoughts: Skyrim but with [insert hook here]


Another smattering of random thoughts, now with 50% more game related-ness! What's that? You expected me to talk about the Fapcast? No silly! Since it's on a working RSS feed and iTunes, I'm not so worried about how it gets out there and who. I know people who care about it already have it because that's how the system works! Who says Apple is staffed by delusional tech wizards? iTunes is ok in my book!

I want Skyrim but with...

A long time ago, I heard on a podcast what kind of game the hosts would make considering all the saturation and reused ideas in the current generation. Several ideas combine many existing but good ideas together to create something bigger than what its individual parts could ever be. So it hit me a while ago that I really want this idea.

Take an open fantasy world RPG, but set in prehistoric times as early man.

I am enamored with the idea that we could possibly take the classic upgrade and progression system we're all familiar with, but now all the progression you're doing is so simple and stupid now, but as caveman it should blow their prehistoric minds. Imagine the first weapon you get to start your caveman adventure would be a simple rock. You just hold it and you bludgeon enemies with it. Imagine going through a tech tree of upgrade where you go from rock, to knife-like sharp rock, to a spear with that sharp rock attached to it. You can wield clubs that are basically logs and upgrade that log to a become a hammer by taking some vines and a damn rock and taking it to a bigger, flat rock to work as a prehistoric workbench.

Hell, weave in some hackneyed caveman story. Maybe you're a homo sapien who's a part of a clan who is warring with other factions for territory. Want to have some chosen, destiny backdrop? You're the first homo sapien with a capacity for curiosity and intelligence. BOOM! You have an excuse to make this player caveman better than other cavemen. Because you're smarter than them and you know that attaching a sharp rock to a stick is better than just running at people with a rock like what those other DUMB cavemen are doing.

Want a magic system? How about discovering fire and applying it to combat? BOOM! Torches. Endgame level equipment can include things like obsidian glass daggers, tying animal predator skulls and jaws to your firsts, and motherfucking bows. AND ARROWS.

I also came up with an alternate slant on the game. Sometime in the future, mankind invents time travel. As part of the research group responsible for introducing time travel, you're on the eve of publicly demonstrating time travel to PR when the experiment goes haywire and you get transported to prehistoric times. Now not only do we have a basis on why the player is better than most other cavemen, maybe we can work in more time travel motifs. Maybe you have a return device that short circuited on the trip and you slowly repair it over the game to give you access to localized time based power like speed and slow.

Whatever, as long as I get to put a stick down and tie a rock to it and call it crafting and upgrading. That sounds endlessly hilarious.

Women stereotypes: sewing, cooking, tankery

It's kind of ironic timing where people all around me are talking about women in video games and sexism and I start watching Girls Und Panzer. The concept of the anime is simple enough. It's a slice of life style anime chronicling high school girls in school life and after school activities. Only those after school activities include operating tanks in mock battles that use live ammo.

The premise is this. Japan is exactly how it is now. Girls go to high school, maybe join clubs like flower arrangement and have normal thoughts like boys and homework. The only difference is that operating tanks is a largely encouraged activity for young girls in school along with other cliche female activities. Learning tankery makes women stronger, independent, more elegant, etc. And the story follows a specific school and of course, their ragtag group of tank newbies led by a new transfer student who transferred specifically so she wouldn't be pressured to participate in tankery.

Of course, this ragtag group includes a group of oddballs, including a girl who I'm convinced is just the creator inserted into the show. A show like this doesn't exist unless the people behind are hardcore tank nuts, so let's have a girl who's a tank otaku like us! One girl is convinced she'd be popular with guys if she learned tankery, another has low blood pressure, and an entire group of girls in one tank division is made up of girls who dress like famous figures in warfare: Rommel, Casear, Yukimura, and so forth.

The funniest thing about the series is that it's built entirely on the premise of tank otaku. At one point in an exhibition match, the battle gets dragged into the local town. Not only does no one object to the obvious wanton destruction of public property, one tank even crashes into a restaurant. The owner, who is in the stands, actually cheers at this, excited at the prospect of the insurance that must be laid out from the international girls' tankery association. Yes, not only are people so excited about tank fights that they'd ignore the senseless destruction of personal property, there is an association in the same respect to college football, but for high school tank battles.

In case you're wondering, battles are fought to immobilization. All tanks seem to be designed with a trigger mechanism where when catastrophic damage occurs, a white flag pops out of the top of the tank.

It's like Lucky Star if you threw in the mechanical combat of Gundam.

- Show me your moves

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