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Late night thoughts: PIRATES, OUTTA NOWHERE!


Today, we were recording episode four of the Fapcast. Things were said, minds were blown, and whole recordings were almost lost. Yeah, Smurf was there for that. We almost lost 2 hours of work because Audacity decided to freeze on me. Thankfully, there exists a recovery program. That's right. This has happened before and I downloaded a recovery program to save hours of work. It didn't work so well the first time but this time, I salvaged everything. Thank you internet! All that I need now is everyone else's share on the podcast. Yeah, I bolded that guys. You see that?

Well, of course, we should actually finish the show too. Yeah, that's important.

Privateer sounds nicer

After finally finding a legit copy for Assassin's Creed 3 (read: an actual disc), I put down nearly 5 hours of gameplay to see where I'd get. It's been a long process filled with problems and rage. I'm the kind of person who tries satisfying optional, extra objectives. Due to that, I've retried numerous missions multiple times. I'm not saying this like it's a good thing. There are also other times where missions are simply structured confusingly, making me restart multiple times. One may think it's a step down from the AC2 arc due to all the technical problems. Nothing big is distracting but the sum total of all of them can be grating.

Then I got on a naval ship and all was forgiven.

I've never played Sid Meier's Pirates! I've also never played a game with explicit pirate mechanics or rules. I do know however, that if AC3's ship segments were to become their own game, I would buy the game in a heartbeat. I rented AC3. I'd buy a game about commanding an entire and telling my crew to load cannonballs, grapeshot, and to brace for impact. That moment when you swing your entire ship around just to get a shot with your ship's starboard guns to shred an enemy ship is gratifying as hell.

I've heard you can board ships in mid-combat. Screw the American Revolution! The British can change history for all I care. Let me sail down the coast as a privateer.

Smartglass. S-M-R-T glass

Have you tried Smartglass yet? It's actually quite handy!

I have to save battery life on my controller after all. I also have an actual remote for my Xbox for video playback purposes. But my Xbox is positioned in a place that makes it inconvenient to aim my remote. But using my iPod Touch for wireless smartglass control is quite nice. I can be anywhere in my room and I don't have to worry about infrared line of sight. Just slide your fingers on smartglass and away you go!

It has a bit of a learning curve though. You're using it as a remote as opposed to directly picking things right on the touch screen. So you have to get used to how your selector moves on screen in relation to how you swipe your touch screen. But after that little hurdle, your smartglass also brings up more context sensitive choices to make things simple. You wouldn't believe the trouble I have at just aiming my remote to press Play or Stop. Smartglass is just press and assume it works, because it does!

Cyclops is a dick

In case you don't pay attention to the comic book world, Marvel wrapped up its Avengers Vs. X-men arc a few weeks ago. This arc saw Earth's greatest heroes split between a decision: the Phoenix Force is returning and Hope Summers is its intended host. Do you trust Hope to control the Phoenix for the betterment of mutantkind or do you want to destroy the Phoenix Force and the danger it represents?

I follow Ultimate Spider-Man and The Ultimates every release. But for AvX, I decided to wait until the trade came out in order to get it all in one fell swoop. But I didn't realize what a trade it'd be! For $75 ($60 after discount for getting it release day at my local store), not only do I get the whole arc in hardcover format (negligible. I prefer the cheaper price of paperback) but also all the fight issues, various extra Infinite comics, and more! And by more, I mean I also get the whole shebang digitally too! This is important because it's easy to take comics with me to work for breaks when I can read them digitally on my iPod.

It's a fine read. It's a big deal in terms of the overall story impact because the consequences would have a far reaching impact on the Marvel universe. I mean, with heroes and mutants divided on a war, there will be winners and losers. You think losers will be happy? You think winners will trust the losers? I'll say this much, Cyclops has seen better days. Remember when he was the de facto leader of the X-men? Leading up to AvX though, he's become a flat out asshole, falling back on the excuse that it's for the sake of mutants everywhere. You know who else said that? Magneto. And he's reformed now! Where yo head at Slim?

- Show me your moves

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