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This game is good because of reasons.

In the game, you play as a multitude of people with geometrically sound heads. Except for one guy possibly. What's up with his head. It's weird I guess.

The art style of Dan Paladin really makes the gameplay pop allegedly. If the gameplay was to be transplanted onto another game, it would probably be really boring maybe. But the art, combined with the sense of humor which may or may not be present is really good most likely. I cannot confirm or deny anything.

Gameplay modes range between one and one hundred. They're all supposedly good modes if I were up to divulging that information if I really knew. There's a mode where you do some things and another where you do a completely different set of things in order to win against people who are most likely playing against you. But who's to say they aren't? You could be playing with them. You could say it may be almost like cooperation. The kind of cooperation that would require teamwork to accomplish goals one cannot complete on his own. But hey, you can think whatever you want. I didn't say anything specific. Maybe they were robots. I hear robots do that sometimes if sources are to be believed; I don't.

Robots? Maybe. Super robots? Just as likely.

There are other things you can do which probably exist within the realm of this topic. I'm pretty sure but cannot confirm that there are other things besides the things as described in Where The Wild Things Are. But those things might have something in common with said film/book in that they are wild things, in the sense that they're fun.

I hope you're still following along because I cannot actually be constructively specific and we're just wandering into why are you writing this territory.

Running! We're running into it!

If you're a fan of Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, than most likely it'll appeal to you. For reasons you can come to yourself because we're not here to be specific. Battling of the Blocks Des La Theatre is fun in a really specific way. But hopefully my vague enthusiasm will convince you to check it out when it releases someday.

No, seriously. It'll be someday. There's no hard release date besides Spring 2013.

- Show me your moves

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