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About StrawberryCreamone of us since 6:37 PM on 09.14.2008

~You may refer to me by StrawberryCream, Berry, Cream, StrawberryCreamsicle, or Red
~Yes I am 100% Asian
~And Yes I am of legal age of 20
~I live in the pits of hell and decapitation

~I'm a Artist
~I'm a Gamer
~I'm a Geek
~I'm your Best Nightmare

~I do Cosplay, watch anime, read manga, and play classic games
~I like to Design, Animate, Draw, and Create anything
~I'm currently studying to be a Game Artist in college
~I'm also good at hiding bodies

~I like to drink tea, juice, and Boba
~I like to eat all kind of things from sushi to jellyfish <3
~I have two dogs, two cats, two rats and a bijillion fancy guppies
~I also enjoy collecting souls on my off time

~I like to be sexy and cute
~I like to make lots of friends
~I like to play lots of MMOs
~I also like to hang out and explore abandoned buildings with history

~I write, I sing, and I read
~I love to Roleplay online and offline
~I cook, bake, and knit
~And I really like to experiment

~I have a MSN and AIM
~I have a Facebook and Youtube
~I have a Personality and a Voice
~I also carry a 16 inch blade in my back pocket

~I have brown eyes
~I have black hair
~I have petite hands
~I like to bite things <3

~I tell truths
~I tell lies
~I forgive and forget
~I can see your lies

~Ask me anything and everything
~Ask my opinions and thoughts
~Check my status and info
~Please don't get lost

~I prefer red over black
~I prefer sweet over salt
~I prefer spicy than bland
~I prefer blood over brains

~All you read and all you see are little things about me. But be careful what you believe because it can deceive or maybe it's just there to scare you <3
~I'm really nice and playful. I like to dance and giggle.
~I'm not all that bad really.
~But I'm still your Best Nightmare.


[b][i]Please read, comment, and send me messages!
I'll be happy to entertain! <3333[/b][/i]