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Love/Hate: JRPG Needs to Grow Up

I used to love JRPGs. At some point years ago they were almost the only genre I was interested in. I sank countless of hours on Final Fantasy VII X, probably completed them all at least three times in a really short span of time, while al...


Videogame Papercraft (is awesome)

Hi all. Many of you probably don't know me as this is my first C-Blog entry ever, but I'm not exactly new here. I think I just tend to shy out from using my shitty english in front of all you native speakers. Anyway let's get to the point....


About Straiffione of us since 2:49 PM on 03.16.2008

Hi internets. I realise nobody's gonna read this anyway but here goes:

I'm a 19-years old dude from Finland.

I live together with my girlfriend in Helsinki, the capital of Finland and work in a bank doing back-office shit. Untill my mandatory army service at least.

I've been gaming since my parent's bought me a SNES as a birthday present when I turned 3, so it's been a big part of my entire life.

I have all the current gen consoles but I mostly play the PS3 because my X360 tends to scratch my discs and I don't particulary like that (and Wii just sucks balls).

I like Action Adventure, RPG (Western and Japanese), Survival Horror and 3PS the most but almost everything goes (except sports :P).

I'm also into Anime and all that Japanese nonsense and I like traveling there every now and then. I fucking love Akihabara.

Top games of all time (not in any order really):
- Metal Gear Solid (pretty much the whole franchise, can't name one)
- Silent Hill 2
- God of War 2
- Shadow of Colossus
- Final Fantasy IX
- Dragon Quest VIII
- And many others I can't think of now, I guess I'll update this later.

My X360 hasn't been connected to the internets in a while so the gamercard is a bit inaccurate at the moment